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by:Leimove     2020-05-27
LED lighting and energy saving, but also related to power supply design, which is one of the designers need to focus on the hottest topics. To help you grasp the latest information we have listed here some of the upcoming industry conferences, and they will be in various forms to explore LED lighting.11-13 February 2008, entitled 'Strategies in Light' (lighting strategy), high brightness LED conference and exhibition will be held in Santa Clara, California The promotional material said that this will be the year's high-brightness. LED industry start meaning of the first event, 'but also' show the latest business results first annual forum in the high-brightness LED applications. Learn more about the Strategies in Light Fold families that want to further improve the color rendering can be combined with the use of red, green, and blue phosphors on the near-ultraviolet LED. Mitsubishi Chemical has developed a white LED emission wavelength is 405nm near UV LED. Although there are stilleffects resulting from reduced efficiency due to the degradation of packaging materials and topics such as light-emitting wave length lead, but Ra more than 95, high-saturation red color rendering index (R9) exceeds 90. The luminous efficiency of white LED color temperature of 2700K Shihai is relatively low, only 25lm / W.The light that is introduced into to acrylic panel is reflected by the pattern and exits the panel via the front face, thus illuminating any poster or graphics placed on that face. Effective light patterns operate using algorithms that have been calculated to distribute the light evenly across the panel. In essence these patterns reflect less light near the edge of the acrylic panel, where the light source is applied and light levels are at their highest, and more light at the centre of the panel where levels are at their lowest. Without an effective diffusion pattern the perimeters of the acrylic panel would be brightest, whilst the centre would be dim. LED lamp designer must be the primary consideration is lamp problem. On many occasions, the importance of the reliability of self-evident: for example, some maintenance costs to pay high outdoor lighting, and easy to produce the security risks, including traffic lights, navigation lights. The LED is also a fragile solid-state semiconductor device. Its light-emitting principle is the PN junction of the diode forward bias voltage to produce light. The LED array and power are facing the risk of destruction of transient voltage surge current, and other electronic problems. The second street light power can be controlled. LED installation cost of this and the LED will be low, especially in Lens just one or two. LED heat gain focus, LED thermal design will be very difficult to evenly spread. Third, the LED heat can quickly evenly spread out, but his lamp overall power is difficult to enlarge because of the shape of the lamp shell size limit.
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