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Small Screw LED Bulbs - The Best Low Energy Bulbs for Home Use

Small Screw LED Bulbs - The Best Low Energy Bulbs for Home Use


Small screw bulbs have been widely used in homes for a long time since they were created. Previously, they were made to be incandescent bulbs or CFL bulbs. However, as LED lighting emerges and becomes more and more popular for their energy & cost savings, most people want to use LED bulbs for their lighting fixtures. Thus, the small screw LED bulb is often used to replace incandescent bulbs and CFL bulbs in homes. This kind of bulbs is considered as the best low energy bulbs for home use. Some people may not know much about this bulb. It doesn’t matter. This passage will tell you.

What Are Small Screw LED Bulbs?

Small screw LED bulbs, are also known as E14 or SES LED bulbs. The kind of bulbs is called E14 because it refers to the socket: 14-millimeter diameter. It is the little brother of the E27 LED bulb that we know as the old-fashioned light bulb. Created using LED technologies, E14 LED bulbs are low energy bulbs. They widely used in homes today. They are available in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, and lumens. 


For their diverse shapes, such as round, oval, and even in a spot shape, small screw LED bulbs are popular choices for decorative fixtures and lamps. Among a large number of options/types, the candle-shaped bulb is the most famous. It comes in both a curled shape and a standard candle shape. We often see this bulb in chandeliers. And we can also see the E14 LED bulbs back in other lamps, such as table lamps and reading lamps. 

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The color temperature also affects the application of LED lights. The color temperature of the LED is measured in Kelvin and the hue of the indicator light. For example, low color temperature is warm light, while higher color temperature is cold light. Let’s see how color temperature determines the application of small screw LED bulbs.

Color TemperatureAtmosphereApplication

Create a relaxed, romantic feeling

Used in living rooms & bedrooms at home

2400 - 2700K

Create a warm atmosphere

Used in dinning rooms at home


Suitable for relaxation

Used in kitchen & hallways at home


Good for productivity and concentration

Used in warehouses & industry

Most helpfully, small screw LED bulbs are dimmable. With dimmable bulbs it's possible to correct the total amount of light. In reality, these bulbs consume less electricity since they require less electricity when it's dimmed. That better explains why they are low energy bulbs. However, their advantage does not end there. Using this kind of bulbs, people are able to dim the color temperature instead of simply the quantity of light. And it's possible to dim the color temperature by a hot white light of 2700K down into a warm glowing light of 2200K. With exactly the identical bulb, surrounding lighting can be created for relaxed evenings into some functional warmer white for both hobbies and reading.

Why Are Small Screw LED Bulbs The Best Low Energy Bulbs for Home Use?

For small screw bulbs, there are lots of options, such as small screw LED bulbs, small screw CFL bulbs, and small screw incandescent bulbs. Both CFL bulbs and LED bulbs were made as low energy bulbs to alternate previous bulbs. They offer a lot more benefits and added energy savings. However, LED bulbs are newer kids that are created by more advanced technologies. There are still a lot of differences between LED bulbs and CFL bulbs.

Small screw LED bulbs are more energy-efficient than small screw CFL bulbs. CFL bulbs were made to replace incandescent bulbs, which emit light due to heat. CFL bulbs consume only 1/5 to 1/3 of the incandescent bulbs and can last up to 15 times longer. LED bulbs use a narrow wavelength band to produce light. LED bulbs are more energy-efficient than CFL bulbs and all other types of fluorescent lamps. The unique color of the light produced by the LED bulb is very similar to the natural light of the sun. The LED reaches its peak brightness as soon as it is turned on, eliminating the need for a warm-up phase like incandescent or fluorescent.

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Small screw LED bulbs are more long-lasting than small screw CFL bulbs. The average life of incandescent bulbs is only 1,000 hours. A normal CFL bulb can be used for up to 8,000 hours. However, neither of these lamps has a long life of LED bulbs. LED bulbs provide up to 25,000 hours of illumination time. Although LED bulbs tend to be more expensive than CFL bulbs, they can be used for a long time, and for this reason they will recover costs over time.

Small screw LED bulbs are safer and more eco-friendly than small screw CFL bulbs. LED bulbs are both energy efficient and environmentally friendly because they do not contain mercury or lead like CFLs. CFL bulbs contain mercury. Therefore, they must be properly recycled to prevent mercury from leaking into landfills. Mercury is a strong neurotoxin and is considered to be the most dangerous for young children and pregnant women. Mercury is the most dangerous for your brain, liver and kidneys. It can damage your cardiovascular system and immune system. Moreover, CFL bulbs are believed to produce a lot of UV light, releasing UV-B and UV-C radiation traces.

Above all, we can make a conclusion that small screw LED bulbs are the best low energy bulbs for home use.

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