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SNUGGLE UP TO A SOOTHING LIGHT SHOW WITH FIND ME A GIFT'S COLOUR CHANGING MOONLIGHT CUSHION!Find Me a Gift brings you a comfy cushion that changes colour! is an online gift company based in the Midlands. They stock a huge range of gifts, gadgets and gizmos, including personalised presents and gift experience packages. If you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary, then look no further.The Colour Changing Moonlight Cushion is a fabulously ingenious novelty pillow. This gorgeously soft white pillow is filled with colour changing LED lights which will phase through a rainbow of calming colours. Using 3 x AA batteries, you simply tap the cushion to start the light show! If you are on the lookout for some inspired gifts for the home then the Colour Changing Moonlight Cushion should be on the top of your funky home accessories gift list. Sure, there are countless colourful cushions out there to match fabrics, decor and personalities, but none of them can hold a light to this effervescently clever colour changing cushion! This wonderfully soft Moonlight Cushion will add a soothing splash of colour to any home. The Colour Changing Moonlight Cushion measures approximately 32 cm x 32 cm x 11 cm and features a removable zip up cover, which is made of luxuriously soft white fabric. The LED lights run off 3 x AA batteries, so to start the light show you simply turn on the power pack inside and tap the cushion.This delightful cushion will phase through a soothing rainbow of colours. In fact it looks just like someone has captured the Aurora Borealis and put it inside this amazing Colour Changing Moonlight Cushion. It looks so spectacular; it just has to be seen to be believed! But instead of having to travel to some remote nether regions in the hope of witnessing a glimpse of this unique occurrence, you can simply watch a video of this phenomenal cushion in motion from the comfort of your own home! This marvellous Moonlight Cushion can be used to create a soothing ambience in any room. It would look equally as fabulous outdoors too on a warm summer's evening. No matter where you place this plush pillow, this colourful and contemporary cushion will help relax tired and worn out senses thanks to its calming array of phasing colours.Absolutely everyone will love snuggling up to this soothing cushion. The Colour Changing moonlight Cushion could also be used as a comforting nightlight for children. This awesomely fashionable furry cushion will certainly be the centre of attention at parties and will attract the curiosity (and envy) of family and friends like moths to a flame. Hey, who needs to hire disco lights when you can dot a few of these funky cushions around your home? They would look terrific scattered about outside too, on patio chairs and benches for summery shindigs. So why not fill your homes and lives with an aurora like light show with the incredible Colour Changing Moonlight Cushion!Find Me a Gift offer everything online without the need for people to spend money on petrol, parking and inflated prices. With special offers and free shipping on orders over 100 (UK only) this online store has everything from cheap novelty items to luxury experiences. Find Me a Gift is one of the UK's leading online gift retailers (ranked in the Top 10 of Hitwise). Established in June 2000, the company specialises in a wide range of gadgets, experiences, toys and personalised gifts with worldwide delivery and year round sales.RegardsJessie JonesFind Me A GiftBecause giving feels good...... Jessie Jones joined Find Me A Gift in May 2008 and has been writing fabulous articles for us ever since!
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