Leimove provides a variety of sockets to meet the needs of different customers.

The product is of simple structure which only requires easy assembling. We adopt the enhanced fourth generation of steel structure to ensure the high impact strength and prevent the product from being distorted. It has an aerospace streamline ultra-thin exterior design, a neat and round appearance, which satisfies the visual aesthetic feeling of the people. By adopting PC materials imported from Bayer, Germany, the product is endowed with the features of shock resistance, high-temperature resistance, and easy cleaning. We implement car frosted powder coating technology to process the finish so that the product has a glossy surface and the panel color will never be worn or changed. Each product is tested by 43 times of fine flow detection. And the integrated structure of the current-carrying parts can reduce the contact resistance and enhance the electric conductivity, which can both ensure 100% safety for users. Being specially designed with a special florescent bar, the product can produce a better light effect, allowing people to see it even in the dark. The extended power arm is designed on the product, which can help save more strength for users.

Over 100,000 use times of the Leimove switch life increases the values of the product more.

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