Our preliminary lighting design is designed in conjunction with the design of architectural and indoor ceilings. Lights of different types and loads are listed on the light chart. The position distribution of the lights will be coordinated with the construction and electromechanical facilities.


The preliminary price budget of the lights will also be provided to customers as a reference when the preliminary lighting design is introduced. The preliminary lighting design will only be finalized after meeting the customer's requirements and the design of the building and interior.



We have a professional intelligent control system, and the selection of the regulatory system will be tailored to the nature and needs of individual projects.


In the course of the project, we will often visit the site at the request of the customer to verify whether the project is in accordance with the lighting design. At the completion of each project, our designer will visit the construction site and debug the light and governor. The debugging work includes checking the installation position of the light, the category of the light source, focusing the lights, creating the perfect design and lighting effect for the lights and the intelligent control.


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