Stuff You Need to Know About LED Lighting

by:Leimove     2020-05-25
Ecoled THE NEXT GENERATION OF COOL LIGHTING. OUTSTANDING ENERGY SAVINGS FROM LED LIGHTS Electric lighting burns 25% of the average home energy budget The electricity used over the lifetime of a single incandescent bulb costs on average 10 times the original purchase price of the bulb itself. LED lights (light emitting diodes) have revolutionised energy efficient lighting using on average only 20% of the energy required to power a traditional filament or energy saving halogen lamps for the same light output. GREATER LIFESPAN LED lights typically last up to 100,000 hours with almost no degradation of light output .That is about 30 years in an average household (based on 8 hours usage per day) That is more than 10 times the lifespan of even Compact Fluorescents and 30 times longer than typical incandescent light bulbs both of which deteriorate output with age. Maintenance is virtually eliminated. Imagine almost never having to change a light bulb and negligable replacement costs! Eco led are solid and do not have a filament so they are virtually indestructible. COOL/SAFE LED lights have a low operating temperature making them much safer to the touch , also reducing heat pollution and thus the need for secondary systems such as air conditioning. They run off a 12v or 24v system MERCURY FREE and ECO FRIENDLY Ecoled led lights are mercury free unlike Compact Fluorescent Bulbs which need careful handling and disposal Our products are also carbon trust compliant. NO LIGHT POLLUTION Unlike conventional lighting, LED lights have a directional light source thus eliminating light pollution making them highly efficient DESIGN The element of design incorporated into LED lights makes them suitable for most applications and invariably suitable as direct replacements for conventional lighting such as down lights. COLOUR Contrary to popular belief LED lights are available in many different 'shades' of colour (Kelvin) including white, warm white, RGB (red,green, blue) colour changing. They are also fully dimmable. COST EFFECTIVE Although initially more expensive , the cost of LED lighting, is very soon recouped and within any new build allows easy compliance with the new building regulation energy saving requirements. SOLAR/WIND POWER Due to the very low energy consumption Ecoled led light are extremely suitable for use with solar panels or wind power.
Currently there is a global trend growing. People are more conscious about lighting solutions and are seeking alternatives to traditional solutions.
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