Swimming Pool Lighting - Requirements

by:Leimove     2020-07-15
One of the most significant features in a backyard that has a swimming pool is lighting. Swimming pools look great with the inclusion of illuminations. Not only does it help people who want to swim during the dark hours, it also imparts a decorative effect to a pool. There are several requirements that need to be fulfilled in case anyone needs to install pool lighting. These specifications vary from place to place. The basic requirements, however, remain the same. They are watts, wiring and visibility. Let us take a closer look at these specifications. Watts For proper illumination of pool, a specific level of watts per square foot of surface of the water is required. The amount of watts necessary can be altered with the help of lights that are installed above the water. If illumination is done from both above and below the water surface, then the watts of both are combined to satisfy the requirements of watts that are needed to illuminate the pool. Wiring The wiring system of a pool must be in fulfillment if national electric codes and norms. Before filling a pool with water, one must get all the electrical connections checked by a licensed contractor. After filling the pool with water, lights must be turned on and the water must be inspected to make sure that the pool is free from leakage of electric current. Visibility The swimming pool lighting must be sufficient to illuminate the bottom of a pool. This is important to rule out any chance of anything getting trapped in the pool drain and resulting into malfunctioning of pool. If the bottom of a pool cannot be seen even after addition of sufficient pool lights, you must add some more. Pools that are constructed indoors must be adequately illuminated. One must be able to see the pool drains, depth markings and the base markings clearly. Generally, a minimum of 500 watts bulb must be used under the surface of the water. Any kind of light fixtures fitted above the water surface must be made break-resistant. These days there various types of swimming pool lighting options available in the market. You can easily light up your pool in any way you desire to. Make sure you find out a reputed company that deals with swimming pool lighting. Alexandria has many such companies that offer swimming pool lighting services. You must search for a renowned company that deals in swimming pool lighting Alexandria. citizens can contact Aces Electric for professional electrical contracting.
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