Leimove offers a wide range of light fittings to match the lights. Different series of products including switches, sockets, and weak-current switch are all available.

The products are guaranteed to be of a high level of security. Being made of high-quality PC materials, the products all have a wide range of operating temperatures from -20℃ to 40℃. And, the materials make the products to be flame retardant and their ignition point reaches 850℃. At the same time, the products are endowed with the performance of high strength, elastic modulus, and high impact strength. In addition, because of the low molding shrinkage and good dimensional stability of the materials, the products have the exactly precise dimensions. As the perfect fittings for the light, the products are surely guaranteed to have excellent electrical characteristics. What’s more, the products are tasteless and odorless, and are totally healthy for people. There are also different numbers of plugs for different products so that more needs can be met.

Leimove always takes customers’ requirements into serious consideration. There are various colors including gold, silver, and champagne to match different decoration styles and satisfy the tastes of different people. Logo can also be printed on the product to help enhance brand awareness.

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