Except for offering the most healthy and natural light for customers, Leimove can also provide a complete set of lighting accessories including switches. In our company, there are several series of switches which are H series, A white series, E08 series, Z elegant white series, and so on.

The product is made of high-quality materials imported from Bayer, a German company. Thanks to the materials, the product is flame retardant and its ignition point is up to 850℃, which can ensure a high level of safety for users. Being processed by the die casting craftsmanship, the product features high tensile strength, higher impact resistance, and shock resistance. It is of simple structure and can be assembled easily. What's more, we adopt V0-class bullet-proof PC front panel from Bayer, the panel of the product is strong and durable enough. As for the back panel of the product, we use flame retardant PA66 materials. We utilize unique flat screen technology to manufacture 6mm thin steel so that the product has an ultra-thin thickness and light weight. There is zero burr guaranteed on the surface of the product, which gives people a sense of good touch. A single switch controls one-line structure, making the light control more independent and convenient.

Leimove also provides screws and related instruction manual for each client to install the product more easily.

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