Teknoware Emergency Lighting UAE Dubai

by:Leimove     2020-07-15
Teknoware Middle East FZSO(Teknoware Central Battery In Middle East UAE) Teknoware began its breakthrough in 1972, when we launched a dimmable inverter for fluorescent lightning, for which we obtained a worldwide patent. Now Teknoware has become bigger and now we concentrate on the vehicle and emergency lightning system for public premises. We Teknoware accept complete responsibility for designing lightning solutions for your environment. Our core product remains the electronic inverter. Over thirty five years, we have attained leading position as designers, developers and manufactures of lighting electronics. Our customers are manufactures of buses, rail, and subway trains and passenger ships, luxury cruise liners and construction and electronic industries, influence the direction of our product development with their dynamic and stringent requirements. 1987, together with our customers we commenced JIT production. We have high and consistent quality; we gained this by continuing emphasis on quality development. And our quality is ISO 9001 and our environment management system is ISO 14001 certified environmental management system. As a result of hard work and dedication, and development process our products are manufactures at highest manufacture standard and we have a worldwide reputation and over 75% of our products are exported. Our products are Central battery system, self contained products, ESCAP, AALTO wireless solutions, LED lightning solutions, Customized lighting solution, Low location lightning, and in the central battery system we provide, panels, luminaries, batteries, accessories and also so the software for central monitoring system, and in the self contained products there are emergency luminaries, exit luminaries, LED luminaries. And when we talk about the ESCAP it is basically Teknoware's new ESCAP -emergency lighting technology combines capacitive energy storage system with the latest LED -technology. Unlike traditional practice, the energy for emergency operation is not stored in the electrochemical process of batteries. For this, there are very high capacitance capacitors. And AALTO wireless emergency solutions, With the Aalto Control monitoring system, emergency lighting design is easy - in new and renovated properties alike. No more cables between lights: Only direct mains supply is needed! Say goodbye to expensive cabling work. Aalto Control technology collects the lights' operating data wirelessly into a monitoring log on a central computer. And the LED lightning solution made an enormous change in the industry there are so many good qualities of it like Cost efficiency. Low power consumption, Long lifetime, Compact size, Water and dust resistance, Low surface temperature, Durability (resistance to shocks and vibration). distribution of light, No glare for fellow occupants, Range of colors, Damnability. We also provide customized lighting solutions, at Teknoware our main goal is perfection in the work and customer satisfaction we always makes sure that our customized lightning solutions matches up to their buildings. Our R&D system keeps working on the innovations and energy efficient products and system for buildings. The best example is the Hand rail light designed exclusively for Mecca to meet its consultant's specific requirements. Low location lighting or you can say it floor level lighting, it is designed for the exit signs, these lights are so powerful that, you can even see it in the smoke and in any kind of dangerous situations. It provides continues guideline to safety.
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