The Application Notes of LED Lighting

by:Leimove     2020-07-15
With the application of LED products increase in indoor lighting market, how to develop more suitable lighting is an important point, that is also the object of attention for many enterprises. But for a long time, LED development neglects some problems, it is our excessive pursuit of high photosynthetic efficiency, and forget the indoor lighting needs low color temperature,and pay attention to the lighting brightness but we forget the light distribution, and to achieve intelligent control but we forget the needs of people. The application of primary concern should be the color rendering index in LED interior lighting. Because no one wants to see the faces of the people in the room ,we don't like a ghost. Color temperature is a very important, the commodity demonstration effect is very large. In the boutique clothing stores, clothes look more beautiful in low color temperature. Color temperature can create an environment effect, it make goods to increase the sense of value, and it can adjust the color temperature of LED lamps, it is the absolute superiority in the clothing store. Secondly, the basic of fixture is to provide connections with the light source electrical, and in general, the users are most concerned about is that lamp can illuminate our hope it light, whether to make us feel comfortable; however, the lighting designer for the occupation, in addition to the familiar various lamp, lens selection and reflective system besides, we still must according to the lamp light distribution curve about the lamp irradiating spot lamps, calculation efficiency and space at any point in the illumination value, this also can calculate the area of illumination distribution situation. we Can say none exaggeratively, the distribution curve of lamp light is the lifeline of lamps. Finally, LED lighting should also pay attention to the problem of light pollution. Now living environment is stressed on the light intensity control and flashing light control. Because now the night lighting and advertisement are a lot, it affects too light people's sleep, and flashing lights can also influence the traffic safety. the most fatal is that the strobe can not solve the problem, so I think that ACLED is only suitable for street lighting and outdoor lighting, it not suitable for indoor lighting,Unless we solve the stroboscopic problem. News from candle bulb !
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