The attraction of LED lamp price and quality to customers

by:Leimove     2020-04-05
In the past period of time, led lamp products in the vicious competition of many led lamp manufacturers, led lamp prices continue to refresh the low price. 1. The 2-meter T8led lamp tube has been pasted to break 20 yuan, and the led downlight 3W has been pasted to break 8 yuan. When many manufacturers are flying at low prices, the users are at a loss, thinking that the low LED lights have entered a cheap era. As everyone knows, time is the best tool for testing product quality. When the quality of the product continues to be problematic in the later period, users and manufacturers are caught in the dilemma of after-sales. Users can't use it normally. There are a lot of after-sales problems for engineering companies. The final payment is put on hold indefinitely. Manufacturers can't afford high after-sales costs under meager profits. Some run away and some declare bankruptcy. After the lesson of blood, the customer realized again that a good led Downlight lamp requires cost, and both materials and technologies are indispensable. Customers pay more attention to product quality, and low-cost investment will definitely bear high pay. Since the establishment of the factory, United Huiye has adhered to the principle of quality-oriented and micro-sales, providing customers with high-performance and cost-effective assured products of led downlights, led ceiling lamps and led tube lamps, let users, distributors and engineering companies use our products without worries. In the face of quality, price is no longer a key factor in determining product transactions. United Huiye once again thanked the customers for their trust and strong support to the company. We will continue to adhere to the principles of quality-oriented, small profits but quick turnover, win-win and mutual benefit, and continue on the led road.
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