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The Best Bedroom Table Lamps - LED Table Lamps

The Best Bedroom Table Lamps - LED Table Lamps


How do know about the table lamps for bedrooms? How do you know about using LED technology for table lamps? This passage will provide some information to let you know how important the bedroom table lamps are and how beneficial are LED table lamps.

The Importance of Bedroom Table Lamps

It is no secret - that the connection between quality sleep and enhanced physical and psychological wellbeing is much more famous than ever. It is of remarkable importance to create the proper ambience for a fantastic night's sleep. Though a few sleep-related issues may call for medical care, there are a few environmental adjustments you can make to improve sleep quality, one of which is the lighting at the bedside. That’s to say bedroom table lamps can play an important role in bringing people high-quality sleep.


We are aware that darkness is vital to sleep, and the existence of darkness sends signals to the brain that it is time to relax. That is why blackout drapes and blinds can keep intrusive lighting to help people sleep better. However, fantastic lighting may also bring surprising and amazing effect. People can reduce and soften the light using the very best bedroom table lamps, which can help them to get physiologically prepared for sleep. This isn't only about enhancing the quality of sleep. The use of appropriate and wonderful lighting may also help establish moods, whether people need a romantic hue for a night in, or they're just trying to relax after a long day.

Benefits of LED Table Lamps

Now we understand the significance of bedside lighting. So, among many table lamps, which should we select? Here, we must mention that LED table lamps are the top options. There are many reasons to choose LED lighting for the bedside compared to traditional lighting methods, such as fluorescent, halogen and incandescent lamps. 

Let’s see clearly the benefits of using LED lighting for bedroom table lamps.

1. LED table lamps are more efficient. The LED lighting uses far less energy than traditional bulbs, so users will spend far less on the electricity bills. Because they’re energy-efficient, they’re also greener. Using LED lamps means doing a bit to help the planet too, by reducing the carbon footprint.

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2. Why LED lamps are best for bedroom table lamps is also lies in their versatility. Light levels and wavelengths are important for sleep. There are several lighting characteristics that are important for sleep. Studies have shown that higher light levels (in lux, a unit of light intensity) can inhibit melatonin, a hormone that provides a dark biological signal inside the body. LED lighting has the ability to project different shades, so more custom lighting schemes can be created. This is really useful in the bedroom. LED table lamps for bedrooms can have the following shades: very warm white; warm white and cool white. So, for example, a very warm white light can be placed next to the bed to help people relax or read. The wavelength of light has also proven to be important. Shorter wavelengths (in the blue color) suppress melatonin, while longer wavelengths (in the red color) may have no effect on melatonin. Therefore, red LED lighting is more suitable for sleep than blue LED lighting. In short, the correct light that can always be produced using wonderful bedroom table lamps is good for creating a relaxing atmosphere and improving sleep quality.

3. LED table lamps are long-lasting & cost-effective. Not only is LED lighting more efficient than traditional incandescent or halogen lighting but also it lasts longer. In fact, an LED bulb will last up 25,000 hours - while a halogen equivalent will just about last 2000 hours. This saves a significant amount of money when it comes to buying replacements.

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Types of Bulbs for LED Table Lamps

1. LED Dimmable Bulbs

Dimmable bulbs are fantastic for setting subtle tones and making a relaxing ambiance. When used for bedroom table lamps, they allow the bedroom to develop into a retreat following a hectic day on the job. Using dim or red lights before bedtime may help people sleep better. While buying dimmable bulbs for LED table lamps, guarantee that the bulbs are specially marked as dimmable.

2. LED Night Light Bulbs

LED night lights are best for kids who may be fearful of the dark and are helpful for those people who have to get up during the night. Due to the very low brightness where they function, they will not impair sleep, which regular LED table lamps can perform.

3. Standard LED Bulbs

Among the greatest things about LED lighting is they are available in the majority of conventional fittings. Many bedroom table lamps chiefly feature E27, E14 and B22 bulbs. All these are currently available in LED form (along with the less popular B15). If people want to replace old Edison or Bayonet bulbs, then they could pop new LED bulbs simply and easily.


So obviously LED lighting was going to get in on the act. 

Here at Leimove - an experienced LED lights manufacturer - we provide a wide range LED table lamps. If interested in, welcome to contact us!

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