The Comfort Of LED Light Shirts

by:Leimove     2020-07-14
Some people are hesitant about getting LED light shirts because they are worried that they will not be comfortable. Their concern makes sense as most people assume that the panel for the lights as well as the batteries would take up a great deal of room and make the shirt bulky but in reality light up shirts can be just as comfortable as any other shirt in your wardrobe. Here are just some of the ways that LED shirts are incredibly comfortable. Standard Sizes When you choose to order LED light shirts you will not have to worry about it fitting you. That is because they come in the same standard sizes that you can find for t-shirts. Therefore you just need to check the tag on your favorite comfortable tee and look at the sizing chart. Of course, you should always take a look at the associated measurements to be sure you are choosing the right size, but it should not be an issue. Even better, you can get them in men's, women's or youth sizes so women don't have to worry about a shirt that is too baggy. Panel Stays Cool A lot of people are concerned that LED light shirts would be warm due to the electricity flowing through them. Their theory is that lights tend to be warm so their shirt will be as well. The good news is that light up shirts use new technology that allows the panel to light up and stay cool at the same time. This technology emits a soft light and because of this, neither the shirt nor the panel will heat up as long as they are used properly including correct washing techniques. Thin Material Another common concern when it comes to LED light shirts is that they will be much thicker than other clothing. This seems to make sense as the panel for the lights will take up at least some room. In reality the panels are about the width of sheets of paper and the battery section is not much thicker. The area for the batteries is just large enough to hold 2 AA or AAA batteries depending on the light up method you choose and is hidden so you might even forget it is there. Great For Night Out In Comfort Because LED light shirts are almost as comfortable as any other t-shirt in your wardrobe, they are a great option for a night out on the town. They allow you to seem like you dressed up but still be incredibly comfortable. No one will think you didn't put in an effort if you are wearing a unique and fun shirt that lights up but you don't have to worry about being too constricted or getting overheated while dancing or simply enjoying yourself.
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