The Concept of Disposable Light Source May be

by:Leimove     2020-07-14
2013 LED lighting market is mainly divided into kinetic energy of the fast-growing commercial street lighting as well as government subsidies related markets. While at the same time vendors in order to be considered based on the design of innovative bulbs, this article will bring 2013 light-emitting diode design directions for analysis, is recommended. Compared with incandescent lamps, light-emitting diode lighting system, photoelectric conversion efficiency is about 5 times of incandescent lamp; lamps, long life, low fever, farms can significantly reduce energy consumption; also prevent incandescent burst causing sudden death of chickens; most the main thing is, LED lighting system can achieve intelligent control, according to the characteristics of poultry growing demand for light to select different light color, light intensity and cycle parameters, custom poultry needed for growth best light. Light-emitting diode Bulb design innovation wth the application of market saturation display backlight, manufacturers have gradually shift the focus of the lighting field will be developed and launched a full week or disposable light source and other innovative design products to attract consumers attention, of rapid growth in the lighting market on the occasion, seize profitable opportunities. 2013 LED lighting has unlimited potential vendors and innovative designs to seize business opportunities In recent years, light-emitting diode industry much attention, because without him, because of the concern by the LED is much larger than the actual profit results. Of course, from a lot of perspective, Taiwan's LED industry suffered a non-war crime, after all, other countries have policy support, and Taiwan since neither government resources nor the market to support the LED industry. In TV backlight applications, to the fourth quarter of 2013 backlight penetration will reach 91.5%, while the fourth quarter of 2014 in TV backlight LED backlight penetration is expected to reach 100%, which mainly except TV To enhance the added value of brand factory, design products to use more LED, on the other hand is a cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) material suppliers as demand decreased, related raw materials required CCFL has gradually discontinued, making mainstream backlight applications closer to the LED light source. Because backlight application market has grown to a saturated, the industry will have to shift the focus of attention to the LED lighting applications. light-emitting diode applications in lighting after years of technological advances, have slowly begun to replace traditional incandescent bulbs.
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