The Guide Of Lingmai H Series Feather White - LM1-2(H)
Lingmai H Series Feather White - LM1-2(H) stands for brand-name products in the field of commercial lighting.

The material used mainly is Zinc alloy. We have Lingmai H Series Feather White - LM1-2(H) in various colors and sizes. Compared with the traditional ones, it better meets the market demands. Many advanced technologies have been introduced by our company, such as PCS CXA. With such parameters as 86% power supply efficiency, more than 100lm/W output of luminous flux, above 85 color rendering index, it owns advantages such as uniform light. Used in on-site store lighting, eye protection lighting, Lingmai H Series Feather White - LM1-2(H) has a promising application prospect. The certificates of National High-tech Enterprise and ISO9001 Quality System Certification have been attained. A limited 3-year warranty is offered. Customized services are available. Get started by visiting

Leimove is a leading manufacturer of Lingmai H Series Feather White - LM1-2(H). We have 17 years of experience in the SWITCHES segment. Our company has a high share in the domestic market, and some products have been exported to worldwide. We develop, produce and sell numerous successful high-quality products, including SWITCHES . Leimove lighting products are endowed with exquisite workmanship, and unique shape. High performance chips are adopted. Applications covers such fields as home, business, engineering, and building electricity.

With the business philosophy 'Assist Partners, Serve Partners', there is no doubt that Leimove has an on-going commitment to its users. For more information, please check
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