The Important Parameters in LED 1 Forward Current If

by:Leimove     2020-05-23
The important parameters in LED 1 forward current If: it refers to the light emitting diode forward current value when the normal light.In actual use should be selected according to the needs of IF in 0.6& # below IFm 183. The 2 positive voltage VF: parameters are given in the table working voltage is given in the forward current under.Generally in the IF = 20mA measured.Light emitting diode forward voltage in the range of 1.4 ~ 3V VF.In the outside world when the temperature rises, the VF will drop.The characteristics of 3.V-I: led the relationship between voltage and current, the forward voltage is smaller than a certain value (called threshold), current is small, no light.When the voltage exceeds a certain value, the forward current with voltage increases rapidly, led. 4 luminous intensity IV: light emitting diode luminous intensity is usually fingering line (on cylindrical luminous tube refers to the axis direction of the luminous intensity).If in the direction of radiation intensity (1 / 683) W / Sr, then led 1 candela (symbol CD).Because of the general LED luminous intensity of the two small, so the common candle (light intensity candela, MCD) as unit.5.LED light emitting angle: - 90 - + 906 spectral half width: it expresses the spectral purity of the luminous tube.7 half value angle 1 / 2 and 1 / 2 perspective: refers to the luminous intensity values for the axial intensity values of half of the direction and luminous axial (normal) angle.8: according to the whole LED light-emitting solid angle conversion of angle, also called plane angle. The 9 perspective: refers to the LED luminescence maximum angle, according to the angle of view is different, different application, also called light angle.10 and a half to 0 and shape: maximum luminous intensity value of the angle between the / 2.Strictly speaking, is the maximum luminous intensity value and the maximum luminous intensity values corresponding to the angle / 2.LED encapsulation technology resulted in the largest emitting angle is not the normal 0 intensity values, introducing the angle of deviation, mean maximum luminous intensity corresponding angle and the angle between the normal 0.11 maximum DC forward current IFm: allowed maximum DC forward current. More than this value can be damaged diode.Maximum reverse voltage 12 VRm: allows the maximum reverse voltage.This value is exceeded, light emitting diode may be breakdown.13 work environment TOPM: light emitting diode working environment temperature range.Below or above this temperature range, light emitting diode will not work, greatly reduce the efficiency of.14 allows power Pm: allows to LED ends of positive DC voltage and the current through it is the product of the maximum.
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