The largest potential area of LED lamps in the world

by:Leimove     2020-04-01
As we all know, LED lamps are currently the most energy-saving and longest-lived lighting application products. In 2012, the LED market was affected by the European debt crisis and the global economy and prosperity, mature markets such as Europe, America and Japan are actively entering the led lamp market due to international first-line brands, which has LED many general led manufacturers to face the export difficulties of these mature markets, chinese LED manufacturers have not really taken off in the domestic demand market, and the number of manufacturers that can obtain key bids and Project Projects is relatively small, actively go to emerging markets in overseas exports. LEDinside, a LED research department under TrendForce, an international research institution, pointed out that the demand for led lamp products in Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Africa and other countries or regions is obviously on the rise, there are more development opportunities for the LED industry on both sides of the Strait. Indian led lights have a wide outdoor application space. Indian lighting products include traditional lighting and led lamps. About 80% of the products come from China, the Indian government is planning to increase the proportion of traditional lighting systems to led lighting systems. It is estimated that the annual compound growth rate of the Indian led lighting market will reach 41% by 2015. Thailand zero tariff LED lighting engineering demand big 2012 Thailand lighting market scale total about for 2. With 0. 5 billion US dollars, the penetration rate of LED lamps is about 10%. It is estimated that by 2015, the penetration rate of led lamps in Thailand market will increase to more than 45%. At present, the Thai government is actively engaged in LED lighting projects, and the demand for LED has increased. At present, as long as Chinese LED enterprises obtain the certificate of origin in China, LED products can enjoy zero tariff when exported to Thailand, but light source products exported to Thailand must be verified by Thailand's certification system. In addition, most parts of Thailand have a tropical monsoon climate, which is hot and rainy all year round. Products exported to the country need to be protected against heat and moisture. LED enterprises can also consider exporting portable devices such as LED emergency lights and flashlights to the country. LEDinside said that the penetration rate of Russian led lamps continues to increase. In the long run, the proportion of Russian led lamp market in the world will be 1% ~ 5%, rising year by year. The growth rate of led lamp market in the country and neighboring small countries will reach 34% annually until 2014. The main reason for Russia to improve the application of led lamps is energy efficiency and optimized electricity expenditure. The size of the Russian lighting market will exceed 0. 6 billion euros, of which more than half will be in the commercial and consumer sectors, and the other part will be public space and outdoor lighting. The rising dark horse of African led lamp market. In Africa, about 90% of the rural population has no electricity supply, and many small streets in cities basically have no street lamps. The basic lighting and municipal lighting markets are the most potential markets in Africa and are in urgent need of development. And the African market is at the low end of the lighting market, with low requirements on product performance, low cost, basic lighting function, reliability and durability, products with simple operation can meet the market demand. The United Nations had a charity and development plan to light up Africa before, and its goal was to provide energy-saving led lamps to users in the African market. Currently includes off-grid solar lighting products, indoor small portable lights, 1W ~ 5W solar LED bulbs, emergency lights, etc. are all eye-catching products in the African market.
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