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The procedure of maintaining lamps correctly

The procedure of maintaining lamps correctly


When we were young, the blackout always happened at home. At present, if it happens, it must be horrible that all the electrical equipment like mobile phones, tablets, computers, and Wi-Fi are all unavailable. But when we were young, we didn’t need to worry. When the power cut out, we would light candles and then played hand shadows. Now each home is bright which is the same as the day at night. The appearance of lights not only illuminates the night world, but also lights people's lives. As an important part of home life, how can lamps be maintained for a long time?

Leimove-The procedure of maintaining lamps correctly

Basics is essential, correct installation is prerequisite

Having bought a lamp, it must be installed correctly before it can be used. The correct installation will affect the service life of the lamp. If it is not installed correctly, the lamp can be easily broken, and sometimes even exploded which is very dangerous. In household life, special attention should be paid to the installation of lighting fixtures for sanitary ware and kitchens, which are both complicated.

Bathroom lamps should be equipped with moisture-proof lampshade (or bathroom special lamps), do not make an excuse for being troublesome not installing it, otherwise it will greatly shorten the life of the lamp; special attention to the kitchen lamp should be paid greatly to oil fumes resistance, because the accumulation of grease affects the illumination level of the lamp; While it is better to choose light-colored lamp shades, although it is easy to stick gray, just wipe it frequently, so as not to affect the light penetration; In general, do not install the kitchen and bathroom lighting in the place easy to condense water vapor avoiding explosions.

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Wrong cleaning way

If the lamp is used for a long time, it will inevitably accumulate dust and affect the light. Therefore, regular cleaning is essential. During the cleaning process, do not change the structure of the lamp, and do not replace the parts of the lamp. After cleaning and maintaining, the lamp should be installed as it is. Do not miss or install wrongly the parts of the lamps.

General lamp is always wiped with a dry cloth and should be taken precautions to prevent moisture intrusion. If the lamps is non-metal, it can be wiped with a wet cloth to prevent the accumulation of dust hindering the lighting effect.

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Upgrading Aging lamps should be upgraded timely

No one can stop the pace of progress. With time going by, there arises more and more problems of lamps after years. Lamps that have been used for a long time will be of light decay and aging when it must be replaced in time. The purpose is to prevent unknown unsafe phenomena. In general, the regular replacement of aging lamps provides more safety.

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Frequent switch will damage the lamps easily.

In order to save energy, some people will turn off the lights once they leave. First of all, this does not necessarily save energy, but it is also very easy to damage the light. Try not to switch frequently while using the lamps, although the resistance switch times of LED lamps is about 18 times of ordinary fluorescent lamps, but too frequent switch will still affect the life of electronic components inside the LED lamp, thus affecting the lamp life.

Today, lamp is no longer just a lighting product, its decoration is also more valued by people. Such a beautiful and "selfless dedication" lamp must be well taken care of.

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