The quality of led lamps needs to be improved

by:Leimove     2020-04-03
The four-day Guangzhou led lighting international lighting exhibition (Hereinafter referred to as 'Guangya Exhibition ') Perfect ending, as a member of Shenzhen Raymond who has been in the LED industry for 6 years, in addition to fatigue, the most attractive is a variety of marketing methods. For the industry participants attending the exhibition, the first thing they see at the entrance of the exhibition hall is the leaflets of various low-priced exhibits. In addition to this traditional marketing strategy, I also found a salesperson wearing a 3w led bulb 1 printed on it. 8 yuan T-shirt. I have seen not only the diversification of marketing strategies, but also the degree of 'low quality' of the industry products. 1. 8 Yuan has an ultra-low price and a warranty of 2 years. It is difficult to hit China's raw materials. Has the employee not paid the salary? This Guangya Exhibition has also become a testing ground for the promotion of LED lighting products in disguise. There is no cheapest, only cheaper. In fact, from this year's 'Frankfurt international lighting exhibition, two Chinese companies were involved in patent infringement and the booths were revoked. 'The Frankfurt international lighting exhibition is divided into ten lighting network pavilions. The China Pavilion is the first, but the area is relatively small and the location is relatively remote. To this light Asian exhibition, where is the quality of the product? It has to be thought-provoking. All of this shows that Chinese companies have won a lot of international business opportunities in improving their manufacturing capabilities, but they are often looked down on because they do not respect intellectual property rights. Chinese manufacturers lack awareness of the protection and application of patents and often passively fall into disputes over intellectual property rights and patents. There are also many enterprises that resort to deceit, attempt to take shortcuts, deliberately copy and imitate other people's products, thus damaging the reputation of China's entire LED lighting industry, as a result, China's LED display screen and LED lighting products have a bad reputation in the international market. Such a situation, I hope to improve as soon as possible in the future, so that LED has a correct development direction.
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