The Right Show Technology Kind For Your Hdtv

by:Leimove     2020-05-21
Don't know what to select from the numerous varieties of show technology kind for the High definition tv? Here are a few particulars to help you choose the right kind of display technologies type which will match your taste. Flat screen HDTV has three major display classifications; LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), LED (Light Emitting Diode) and Plasma. OLED and Rear Projection are these two other new types of display technology type for HDTVs, but they are not yet well received in the global market so there isn't anything much that tells about these products. Here, I will discuss the features of each of the three major kinds of flat screen display technology, to help you choose what kind of HDTV you want. LCD LCD TVs are the most in demand flat panel TVs these days because they are more affordable compared to other types. Performance wise, it works well in daylight or in bright room areas because LCD screens has a matte finish that repels most of the light. But it doesn't perform very well in dark areas; perhaps worse than that of the Plasma TVs. You can fairly see and spot the difference between watching it in a light and in dark areas of your house. The distribution of radiance in your TV will affect your eyes when you suddenly turn on the lights after watching in dark areas. LED LED TVs consumes less power than LCD TVs and they come in thinner and slicker designs too. But they are way more expensive than LCDs and offer no difference when it comes to picture quality. But if you want a thinner TV than an LCD TV then go for this one. It also performs like an LCD, better in light areas and not so much in dark areas. Plasma Plasma TVs on the other hand performs better in dark areas, because they are built for more theater like system. Bringing the cinema theater in the comfort of your own home, and Plasma TVs also comes in larger screens than LCDs and LEDs to give you the total indoor cinema feeling. But Plasma TVs consumes more electric power compared to LCDs and LEDs. Unlike the two previous types which the screens come in a matte finish, Plasma TVs have glass screens that reflect light in bright areas. So this doesn't really perform well in bright areas. OLED and Rear-Projection And last but not the least are these two new types of display technology type, the OLED and the Rear-Projection, these two new types comes in very, very large screens and 55inches is their smallest dimensions available. So if you are the one who really wants real large TV screens in your house and has the money to risk in these new types of display technology then go for these types. It is your job as a buyer and a customer to know the facts first before buying the right kind of display technology type that suits your taste. But be very careful with the specifications and features that the reps are telling you because a lot of those facts and details are just there to confuse you. But if I were you, I would go with LCD TVs because they are cheaper and works just fine..
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