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Tips to Select the Best LED Flood Light and Manufacturer

Tips to Select the Best LED Flood Light and Manufacturer


There are plenty of reasons to invest in LED flood lights, particularly since they are energy efficient and do not have a high negative impact on the environment. However, there are many LED lights manufacturers providing a wide range of LED flood lights. How do you choose the best LED flood light manufacturer? How do you choose the best LED flood light? Here are some tips for you!

How to Choose the Best LED Flood Light Manufacturer?


Experience is the most direct proof of whether a manufacturer is qualified. But at the same time, some of them may offer false claims. To find out the year of establishment of a manufacturer, you can search on the authoritative website. For example, if you are purchasing from a Chinese LED flood light manufacturer, you can go to the page to view its age. You can also visit its official website to check its licenses and certificates. Typically, an LED lights manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience, like Leimove, is trustworthy.

Warranty & Support

Warranty & support can be also an integral element when choosing a LED flood light manufacturer. Long-term warranty can set you free from the troubles & cost of solving after-sales issues, such as quality problems, parts replacement, etc. Besides looking at how many years of warranty is they provide, you should watch out whether they genuinely provide the support you require for your business. In fact, there are many manufacturers that shirk their responsibilities to the customers. A responsible and dependable manufacturer usually gives prompt & strong support to the customers within or even outside the warranty period. 


R&D Capability

R&D capability is essential when it comes to choosing the best LED flood light and the best LED flood light manufacturer. High power LED flood lights up to 1000 to 4000W is a relatively new technology in LED lighting field (starting from the 00s). If the companies develop the flood lights by themselves, they will know their product thoroughly, and thus they can give you the best opinion and tips for your lighting business or application projects. Like Leimove, a professional LED lights manufacturer in China, owns an experienced R&D team and has the ability to develop a wide range of innovative LED flood lights in diverse styles, colors, and sizes independently. Our target is to make the up-to-date and the best LED flood light for every outdoor or indoor large area.

Adaptability & Flexibility

The best LED flood light manufacturer should be highly flexible and adaptable. The standards for the best LED flood light vary as the projects have different requirements. As known, the garden lighting, commercial lighting and industrial lighting have different requirements for lamp style, brightness, color temperature, water-proof performance, installation and other aspects. And sometimes, you may need to contingently change your requirements to adapt to your business or project needs. Thus, for your specific lighting needs, for your business competitiveness, you are supposed to take adaptability and flexibility into consideration. The adaptability & flexibility of manufacturers can be measured by the solution development and manufacturing capabilities. A LED flood light manufacturer that has high adaptability and flexibility can develop the most practical and cost-effective lighting solutions according to the specific needs of every customer for every project. And a flexible and adaptable manufacturer can complete manufacturing accurately and quickly, no matter what the requirements are set for the lights, no matter what the quantity customers require. 

How to Choose the Best LED Flood Light?

Quality LED chips

The best quality LED chip is the foundation of the best LED flood light. Let’ see the see clearly. As known, LED flood lights are driven by LED, which is a solid-state semiconductor device. And you also should know LED chip is a core component of LED, referring to the PN junction. Its main function is to convert the electrical energy into light. Now, we can see they the importance of LED chips to LED flood lights. A better LED chip means a more stable and performance-plus flood light. The basic types of LED chips are: SMD, COB, MCOB, and MCCOB. Among them, MCCOB (multiple chips and cups on board) packages, which are used for high bay fixtures and floodlights. So if you want to choose the best LED flood light, you have to pay attention to the quality of LED chips and MCCOB technology used for the lights. It is highly recommended to select the LED flood lights that use the mainstream chips from reliable suppliers. Of course, it would be the best if the LED flood light manufacturer can make its own high-quality chips, which means reduced cost and quality control troubles.

High luminous efficiency

The luminous efficiency determines the energy saving of LED lights. The highest luminous efficiency, the best LED flood light in energy saving. "Lumen per watt" is a unit that indicates energy efficiency. For example, an average 1 W power LED of 150 lumens per watt produces 150 units of light and brightness. So you will know that 150 lm/ W lighting is more energy-efficient than 120 lm/ W lighting.

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Right beam angle

The beam angle indicates the degree of diffusion of light. For high mast or overhead applications, if the beam angle is wide, the ground brightness will still be very low despite the high light uniformity. Conversely, a beam angle that is too narrow will result in very low illumination uniformity. Because despite its high brightness, it still produces many "spots". Therefore, the best LED flood light that offers a perfect balance between uniformity and brightness needs a suitable beam angle.

Good heat dissipation

Good heat dissipation prevents LED flood lights from being damaged by overheating. The LED flood light manufacturer usually manufactures the heat sink with pure aluminum with thermal conductivity of up to 238 W / MK - the higher the value, the higher the conductivity. The thermal conductivity of pressed cast iron is only 54.4W / MK. When designing the structure, a good cooling system should consist of ample air circulation channels inside the light. 

Waterproof Property 

The best LED flood light for outdoor use must have excellent waterproof property.  Thus, the IP66 grade of water resistance is a must. For some environments, even IP67 or IP68 grades are required, such as underwater fountain lights or fishing lights. In addition to working properly in the water, the IP66-grade LED floodlights can also work stably in inclement weather. This level of water resistance is critical in sport field lights, airports lights, street lights and more.

If you would like to get the best LED flood light and free lighting solution analysis, please do not hesitate to shoot us a message.

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