Two three-level market LED energy-saving lamps is better than ordinary energy-saving lamps

by:Leimove     2020-03-31
Through the promotion and publicity of TV, Internet, cultural media and the government's advocacy, the characteristics of LED energy-saving lamps: energy saving, environmental protection and long service life have been widely known by the boss's surname, it is an inevitable trend for LED energy-saving lamps to replace conventional lighting lamps. In developed countries, there is a replacement plan for LED energy-saving lamps. Our country is expected to eliminate most of the general lighting products in the next five years, this is a broad market prospect for LED energy-saving lamp manufacturers, channel agents and engineers. In recent years, many LED energy-saving lamps have been used in landscape lamps. According to relevant statistics, nearly 80% of the urban landscape lamps in Suzhou city have used LED energy-saving lamps. In addition, LED street lamps have also been used in some urban roads. LED lights are generally 1 Watt to 3 watts, with high color saturation, flexible control and concentrated use of light sources. Therefore, when used in landscape lamp design, it can well reflect the characteristics of the landscape, such as bright and dark, local lighting, etc. The greater advantage is that the wattage is small and the power saving effect is more obvious. The market potential of LED energy-saving lamps is huge. Raymond firmly grasps this opportunity to expand the promotion of LED energy-saving lamps in businesses, families and institutions, expand market influence and improve brand awareness.
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