Under The Law of China Haitz LED Lighting Industry Trends

by:Leimove     2020-07-12
In the LED industry, there are similar microprocessor industry of the 'Moore's law'-Haitz law to agilent (LED lighting area leading manufacturers) former technology scientists RolandHaitz name, meaning is the price of LED every 10 years for 1/10 of the original will, improve performance is 20 times. LED Tube as to light emitting diode (LED) for the light source of new solid-state lighting, has appeared in professional lighting field energy saving effect. As for the landscape lighting alternative neon lights, energy saving 70%; Used for traffic lights replace incandescent lamp, energy saving 90%; And in small and medium size backlight (BLU) cold cathode fluorescent lamp replacement (CCFL), has been widely used. LED efficiency has much higher than incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and cold cathode fluorescent lamps more than, entering the global power consumption of 15-20% of the general lighting field. In the global health, environmental protection, the energy crisis tremendous pressure, LED lighting has been the world recognized as a kind of health, energy saving, environmental protection in a major way, is the faster speed expand its application scope. Domestic LED Fluorescent industry output from 2006 yuan growth in 2009 to 100 billion yuan, for several years with more than 30% of the speed of increasing rapidly, and this year is expected to break through 150 billion, its development faster than GDP growth, sustainable and stable development, under the law of China Haitz LED lighting time has come. Under the law of China Haitz LED lighting industry trends: A, our country LED the industry layout imbalance situation will continue to larger, industry will become an inevitable fusion. The national development and reform commission statistical data shows that Chinese LED lighting chip, packaging and application value for 1: the ratio of 9:22, the industry layout perspective, industrial development has LED the uneven. And with China's rapid development of LED lighting industry, 2010 LED lighting market compared with 2009 market demand growth, the traditional lighting enterprise, breaks down industry electrical home appliances manufacturers, LED chips, LED package, the LED display even numerous LED power drive manufacturer also have into the LED lighting field, research and development and production of LED lighting application products become market popular, industry chain will be inevitable fusion. Second, the LED application in industrial chain enterprise vague bounds, enterprise LED product line, the longer the category. At present our country LED lighting industry vertical integration trend dash forward show (at present the main have capital social culture integration, industrial chain from up to down extensions integration), plus domestic LED lighting advantage focused on the package and application, LED lighting enterprise boundaries in application of fuzzy, enterprise LED product category, the line longer, and the market competition from participating subject see China had had a few scale level vendor products level close to international level, product research and development to 'high technology, high added value, intelligent, modular' direction. Good domestic policy drive, further catalytic domestic essence market The national development and reform commission and 6 departments jointly by the semiconductor illumination energy conservation industry development opinions '(hereinafter referred to as' the opinion '') put forward, to 2015, semiconductor illumination energy conservation industry values with an average annual growth rate of about 30%; Enterprises' independent innovation ability enhanced obviously, large MOCVD and equipment, and key raw materials and more than 70% of the chip to realize the nationalization, upstream chip scale production enterprise 3-5 home; Industrial concentration significantly raise, has the independent brand, a large market influence of leading enterprises of the 10 or so. Along with the national energy conservation and emission reduction in the various policy appearing, energy conservation and environmental protection will carry out by the government to market the slogan of the reality of the performance, the domestic LED lighting enterprise, it is an unprecedented opportunities and challenges, will also become the LED Tube Lighting industry upgrading and export enterprise to the domestic an important milestone. National new energy strategy guide is insufficient, 'governors brand' needs to be broken innings Semiconductor lighting technology is the 21 st century the most promising one of the emerging field of high technology. LED industry in big heating today, the United States, Japan, the European Union, South Korea, China and Taiwan, and other countries and regions have introduced semiconductor lighting country or region development plan, to cultivate and develop the national or regional semiconductor lighting industry. In the macroscopic level, although our country have introduced various policy advice and pilot city further AIDS guide the industry development, but LED industry boom at the same time, our country has been the industry from industry standards and local government key support native 'governors brand' place protection practice obstacles. LED industry has been to many investors for industry, the LED industry big heat also has become the trend, before half 'governors brand' how to break into the national development and reform commission borrow situation bureau 6 departments have the independent brand, opinion large market influence of the top 10 is a difficult problem of leading enterprises. 2010 regional semiconductor lighting industry cluster synergy innovation, 'governors brand' the bureau will become local local government and the LED illumination enterprise core planning agenda. 2010 will be the LED lighting industry 'governors brand' to local bureau of the national towards an inflection point, also is the industry of the oligarchs era aura. In the micro level, by American GE, the Dutch PHILIPS, Germany OSRAM three world lighting production giant, as a representative of the multinational company, in semiconductor company established cooperation with upstream semiconductor lighting companies, and actively create a competitive advantage, and China is preempted patent commanding heights, to our country the semiconductor technology development trend of encirclement formed. Therefore, how to lead our country 'the rulers brand' successful broken bureau, the effective integration of domestic four semiconductor lighting industry gathered regional advantages resources, through the industry cluster cooperative innovation, respond to the common multinational competition become the state and local government and the core issue of entrepreneurs.
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