Ways to Increase The Life of HD Tvs

by:Leimove     2020-05-17
The lifespan of HD TVs depends greatly on the settings and technology used to manufacture the device. Many of the new LCD TVs are using the LED light source which stands for Light emitting diodes. Other use Cold Florescent tubes as the light source. While the debate between these two technologies is ongoing, LED seems to have the longer half-life compared to their florescent tube counterparts. Buying a TV is an investment that you want to be proud of and to last a long time before ever thinking of replacing it. With the prices of new TVs extending over $3000, doing some due diligence on the half-life and picture quality is a good idea. Contrast ratio and refresh rate measured in Hz are two important bits of data you'll want to keep in mind. Plasma, LCD TV with florescent tubes, and LCD TVs with an LED light source are the three best technologies offered right now. Cost benefit ratio is important to consider. paying almost double for a 32 inch LCD TV worth the price with above average specifications? Comparing these three types of TVs may give us some insight as to how to proceed with a purchase. The Sony BRAVIA BX300 32' has a list price of $444.99. It features the florescent tube light source. It has a dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000:1, a refresh rate of 60 Hz and weighs around 11 Kilos. The lifespan is around 60,000 hours. That means it would lose half the brightness in 14 years watching around 6 hours a day. Now a lot of people don't keep their televisions for that long and life changes occur in which we lose our possessions at times. With this in mind, 14 years is a pretty respectable time frame for your TV to last. The contrast ratio may be a bit low compared to an LED TV. The Sony NSX32GT1 32' has a list price of $899.99. Features include an LED Edge lit, Google TV, and slim design. It also features a 60Hz refresh rate, and weighs around 12 Kilos. The lifespan on these LED models is not known specifically because the technology is relatively new. However, research suggests a half-life of 100,000 hours. That's 30 years of regular viewing. I certainly don't have the TV that I watched growing up. Technology changes and new products become available. The picture quality is said to give lush colors and conserve energy better. The Panasonic TCP46C2 46' Plasma HDTV has a list price of $699.99. Feature include 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 600 Hz refresh rate, 1024X768 resolution and weighs around 30 Kilos. The lifespan on this plasma TV is around 100,000 hours as well. The plasma TV gives consumers an extreme value for their money. Tradeoffs are the heaviness and the fragile nature of plasma gases. You cannot lay a plasma TV on its front or back for storage.
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