Leimove is capable of producing weak-current switch with high-performance ratio.

This kind of product has a reliable and durable structure. As for the shell, we adopt high-precision tin phosphor bronze to integrate the whole finish, which makes the product have the advantages of low resistance, elastic persistence, and smooth stress. By learning from famous enterprises from Japan, America, Germany, and so on, we have successfully developed an advanced plug insert design, which ensures the applicable safety and convenient use. With excellent protection door design with mis-plug function, the product can prevent foreign materials from entering inside. The finish has gone through advanced surface treatment, so the product feels extremely smooth and comfortable. Each product will detected by fine and exquisite processes for several times, making the product enjoy a high level of security. In addition, due to the imported craftsmanship and superior materials, the product can function normally under the temperature from -20℃ to 40℃. Being cut by the mold craft, the product has a neat and round appearance. The electrical network inside the socket is connected in series, which won't influence the normal use of the other parts.

Leimove provides 3-year warranty for the weak current switch and the switch has a lifespan of over 10,000 times.

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