What Are Energy Saver Lights?

by:Leimove     2020-05-17
With so many technological advancements taking place these days, the introduction of Energy saver lights is one of the most influential one. Energy saver lights not only contribute in saving energy but also help you in saving your hard earned money. These bulbs do not use filament to produce light and are eco friendly. They are highly energy efficient and this is the reason that today most of the people prefer using them in their households and offices. Moreover, these lights are cost effective; they have a longer life and therefore save money from spending again and again over the purchase of bulbs. Also, energy saver lights reduce domestic energy consumption by 60%. Therefore these kinds of lightings also help you save your electricity bills. Now let's have a look at some of the commonly used energy saver lights:- Compact fluorescent lamps: In a fluorescent tube, there occurs a chain of chemical reactions which further results in the functioning of CFL. These CFLs have a longer life span because these do not use any kind of filament to generate light. LED light: LED lights generate light directly from the electricity and this is the reason that the cost associated with these lights is very low. Moreover, these lights do not consist of mercury or any other kind of toxic metals; therefore these are considered to be eco-friendly and energy efficient lightings. Also, they have a longer life and as compared to other sources of electricity these are much more reliable. Energy-saving halogen bulbs: There is no doubt in saying that these halogen bulbs consist of a tungsten filament but then at the same time these bulbs are highly energy efficient. The halogen present in these bulbs does not let the filament fixed inside the bulb break easily. This is the reason why these lightings last longer and helps in saving money from the purchase of more bulbs. These days, every single individual on this earth is aware of global warming and the reasons behind it. In schools, colleges, offices and everywhere else, associations and economies are trying to create more and more awareness of the ways of protecting environment and saving energy. But despite of so many efforts made by millions of people, there still exist some individuals who lack such important information and use those outdated incandescent bulbs that not only consume large amount of energy but also have a smaller life. These are neither energy efficient bulbs nor are cost saving. Well, fluorescent compact bulbs are one of the easiest and smartest ways to save home energy. They are designed in such a way that they can be easily fixed into the traditional light fixtures as well. Moreover, these are available in so many shapes and sizes that these can be fixed according to the existing provisions. So in a nut shell, CFLs and LED lights in many ways are better than those incandescent bulbs.
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