What are the characteristics of LED lights?

by:Leimove     2020-03-29
1. The LED lamp has a long service life. The actual service life of LED exceeds 50 thousand hours, which is several times or even dozens of times that of common light sources. 2, LED lights high purity, bright and rich colors. At present, LED products cover almost the entire visible spectral range with high color purity. The traditional way to obtain colored light is incandescent lamp plus filter, which greatly reduces the luminous efficiency. 3. LED lights are energy-saving, economical and maintenance-free. 4. LED has strong luminous directivity, high luminous flux utilization rate and small volume, which is easy to control the appearance design and light intensity division of LED lamps. 5. There is no mercury in the light source and no ultraviolet rays in the light beam. LED is a solid light source, green and environmentally friendly, especially suitable for perfume shops, jewelry stores, museums, art galleries and other professional places, which can meet the special requirements of its display products for lighting. 6, solid light, good seismic performance, firm and reliable. 7, LED is not limited by the starting temperature, can be transient start, generally for several MS, and can transient to full luminous flux output. 8. Dynamic color control, adjustable light and shade, LED combination of three primary colors can use PWM to realize the change of dominant color. 9. LED can be powered by DC low voltage, which is safe and reliable.
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