What Are The Main Differences Between Plasma TV's

by:Leimove     2020-05-16
There are a number of differences between Plasma TV's and the new LED TV's. Plasma TV's were the first televisions to replace CRT screens. They were the original 'flat-screen' televisions. Some of the advantages of plasma televisions are that they are available in very large screen sizes, they offer more color depth and deep blacks, and there is a better refresh or response time. Plasma technology uses tubes filled with neon-xenon gas. When these tubes of gas are electrically charged they light in different colors, producing an image on the screen. Not all plasma TV's are high definition; some are marketed as Enhanced Definition. They do not all meet the 1080p definition of full HD TV. The 1080p refers to how many lines of information are on the screen, and how fast it refreshes. The more lines, the crisper the picture, and faster refresh means less blur. While the plasma television may be capable of receiving a full HD image, it will need to scale down the information to display it on the screen. The image on a plasma television has a very wide viewing angle - no matter where you are sitting in relation to the set, you are likely to see the whole picture clearly and well proportioned. LED TV's are the newest twist on LCD TV's. Liquid crystal diodes (LCD's) are the source of the picture in both cases. Straight LCD TV's use fluorescent light to illuminate the screen. LED TV's are LCD TV with the addition of light emitting diodes (LED's) either at the back, 'back-lit', or around the periphery of the screen, 'peripheral'. The newer LED screens offer better contrast, more depth of color and deeper blacks than those LCD TV's. Plasma TV's are available in very large screen sizes, but not many below 42'. Plasma TV's generate more heat than LED TV's, and use more power. They do not function as well at high altitudes, either. More LED TV's are available in full high definition, 1080p, than plasma, and generate a brighter color image. They also are available in smaller sizes, for those not looking for home theater. On the other hand, plasma TV's offer better contrast, superior tracking, noticeable when watching sports, and better rendering of deep blacks. LED/LCD TV's are much better at blacks, however, than LCD TV's. Also, plasma screens give a better picture in a darkened room, but can glare in a brightly lit room. LED TV's display well in a bright room. If you are looking for PC connectivity, it is more widely available on LED/LCD TV's than plasma. For gamers, the plasma is probably the top choice, because of the high tracking rate and smooth motion. As technology improves each option, which television you choose will depend on what you need. If you are looking for home-theater size, plasma is the best choice. If you want a smaller television, the best buy is in LED TV's. Your television choice will depend on your needs and your personal preference.
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