What are the types of led downlights?

by:Leimove     2020-04-01
There are many different types of led downlights. First, the shell is distinguished. There are die-casting series, car aluminum series and fin heat dissipation series. Conventional is the car aluminum mostly, fin heat dissipation shell price is very high, but the heat dissipation is very good, export more, domestic and price-oriented customers will use less. The die-casting series is characterized by the use of aluminum water after the module is extruded and cooled. Its advantage is that it has good heat dissipation. The disadvantage is that if the aluminum water is mixed with other impurities, the heat conduction effect is not so good. The car aluminum series is the most used and the most cost-effective. Most of the aluminum series are formed by lathe with pure aluminum, but the quality of aluminum can also directly affect the heat dissipation of led downlights. Raymond's main series of led downlights has the largest sales volume of aluminum led downlights, and the price of led downlights is the cheapest. It is a professional manufacturer of led downlights.
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