What are the types of LED lights?

by:Leimove     2020-04-02
Led lamp refers to the light source of led used in light-emitting components. Its remarkable characteristics are long service life, environmental protection and energy saving. It is also one of the reasons for consumers to choose. The second reason is that led lamps can be made into different shapes at present, new products are available every month, adding color to world lighting. LED lights are different from indoor and outdoor lighting from large environment, indoor led bulb lights, led spotlights, led ceiling lights, led daring lights, led rail lights, led panel lights, ledpar lights, led industrial miner's lights, led kitchen and bathroom lights, led desk lamps, led downlights, etc, the most common outdoor lights are led street lamps, led underground lamps, led wall washing lamps, led projection lamps, led lawn lamps, led tunnel lamps, etc. There are many kinds of lights and their uses are different, raymond will create the most cost-effective led lamp products for customers according to their specific use environment.
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