What color temperature of LED energy-saving lamp is helpful for learning state

by:Leimove     2020-04-03
According to the investigation by relevant agencies, the high color temperatures of LED energy-saving lamps of 5000k and 6500k (Cold color light source) It is more popular with students and is more suitable for reading, writing and other visual homework with higher requirements. Different from the general understanding, the warm color light source is not conducive to students' reading or writing because of its low color temperature. Under the condition of meeting the specified illuminance of the current classroom standards, compared with low color temperature, high color temperature is more conducive to delaying the visual fatigue of primary and secondary school students and improving learning efficiency, which is consistent with relevant foreign research results, it is also consistent with the current situation that fluorescent lamps with high color temperature are mostly used in ordinary classrooms of primary and secondary schools. In addition, LED energy-saving lamps have higher efficiency and better visual experience in the environment where the illuminance level is greater than 500lx, which is more conducive to students' reading and writing. Therefore, experts suggest that parents should pay attention to the use of high color temperature light sources (Cold color light source)Learning table lamp, not warm light source.
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