What Is An LED TV?

by:Leimove     2020-05-16
An LED TV is a new twist on traditional television viewing. LED TV technology is comparatively new and has changed the whole technology of lighting that is used to project the picture. An LED TV is an LCD TV that utilizes light emitting diodes to light up the liquid crystal display. LED televisions can either be lit from the back where the light emitting diodes are behind the display panel, or lit from the edge where the light emitting diodes are placed around the perimeter of the display. Contrast is an area in which you can find a major difference between the LCD televisions and LED televisions. A conventional LCD TV has the disadvantage of producing lower contrast levels because the lighting from the back is making the darker areas appear not as dark as they should be. While fluorescent tubes provide light in a traditional LCD TV, they have a few downsides. They use more space and are heavy in weight. Also, they do not provide sufficient color quality because the blacks displayed are not true blacks and this reduces the vibrancy of all the other colors. This is basically why the LED technology came along, so they could provide a lighting source that can show the purest blacks and whites and enhance the contrast ratio and the vibrancy of all the other colors. There are many great benefits to choosing an LED TV over a standard LCD TV. An LCD TV offers improved contrast levels and brightness along with deeper blacks. The use of LED lighting enables the LED TV to be thinner than a standard LCD television. Additionally, LED TVs consume forty percent less power than a traditional LCD TV of the same size. Because LED TVs use no mercury during their production, they are also more environmentally friendly. Additionally, LED televisions are relatively simple devices and are much less likely to malfunction and require costly repairs. Another great benefit of the LCD television is that the television screen can be used as an interface for your desktop or laptop computer. This feature allows you to play all your favorite movies and shows stored on your computer, including live streaming from any website. The connectivity features of LED TVs can also be easily used to view videos, dvds or movies that you have transferred to your jump drive. It is also possible to directly play home movies or display digital photo albums in brilliant color on your LCD TV. With the advent of new LCD television technology, your tv offers viewing experiences which are greatly emboldened due to the enhanced contrast ratio of colors and the expanded functionality of flat screen LCD televisions.
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