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What Preconditions an Outdoor LED Outdoor LED Downlight Should Have?

What Preconditions an Outdoor LED Outdoor LED Downlight Should Have?


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An outdoor LED downlight is one of the best lighting solutions that have been innovated which fits well with space designing as well as energy consumption. The main feature of an Outdoor LED downlight is that it is fitted into the ceiling, throwing a narrow beam of light downwards. As the energy consumption of a single Outdoor LED Downlight is less, many units can be fitted to the space to provide a soothing ambiance. 

Outdoor LED downlights are fast penetrating the Outdoor Lighting market as well. The outdoor application of the utility has proven to be very useful as the brightness and the range that is covered is unmatched by any other lighting solutions. The main advantage is that LED lights bear the longest lifespan and the least amount of energy consumption. Outdoor Down lights precedes the nearest competition by at least twice over in terms of benefits. The size of the light is also very useful as it reduces the risk of potential damages. 

Providing a benefit analysis on Outdoor LED downlights in no longer required as the market has already recognized LED downlights for outdoors to be a high-yielding utility. This has led many entities to provide this utility intensifying the diversity of the product in the market. Hence, the crux of the matter remains as to which Outdoor LED downlight is the best solution for individual use. Therefore, many factors need to be considered before selecting a suitable Outdoor LED downlight as per the need of the user. 

First and foremost, the desired Brightness level must be ascertained to ensure that the Outdoor LED Downlight provides sufficient ambiance to your space. The measurement of brightness when it comes to Outdoor LED downlights is Lumen which is similar to wattage with certain differences. Lumens measure the total output of light whereas Wattage measures energy consumption. Hence, the higher the Lumen quantum, the brighter the output will be. This does not necessarily mean that the brightest should always be chosen. The brightness requirement varies depending on location, purpose and the size of the area that needs to be lit. Hence, there is a large variety of Outdoor LED downlights which are perfect for each and every need.

Even though the knowledge surrounding outdoor LED downlights is not imparted by the providers in each instance, there are a lot of amazing things that come alongside the build of the unit. For instance, the LED downlights for outdoors with the highest quality are mainly constructed from aluminum frames and heatsinks whereas the cheaper units are constructed from plastic. These cheap solutions are non-biodegradable creating environmental issues as well. Similarly, LED downlights for outdoor with external LED drivers are more durable than the rest. The quality of the diffuser must be ascertained as well as this determines the performance of the entire unit. 

The temperature which is a sub-product of light gives off colors as per the level of the temperature. This is known as color temperature. The color characteristic can affect eyesight as well as light sensitivity. The measurement of this parameter is quantified in Kelvin. Higher Kelvin quantum produces less temperature whereas lower Kelvin quantum produces more temperature. This parameter can set and decide the ambiance as well as the atmosphere affecting sleeping patterns as well as focus levels. 

Once the above parameters are decided on, the stationary status of the outdoor LED downlight must be ascertained. Outdoor LED downlights can either be fixed or adjustable. The option where the stationary status is a mix of fixed and adjustable is also attainable. Even though fixed LED downlights for outdoor are cheaper, adjustable lights are more suitable for study areas, kitchen area, office space as well as tool sheds. 

One of the main components which must be given much thought is the Spread of the light. It is more suitable to have a wide-range Outdoor LED downlight in outdoor spaces more towards the garden area whilst a close-range Outdoor LED Downlight is more suitable for spaces closer to the interior. Close-range Outdoor LED downlights which have a narrow beam is more powerful than the wide-range light thereby optimizing the use of each type. A wide beam angle covers more than 60 Degrees while narrow beam angles cover less. 

Certain Outdoor LED

Downlights from down light factory can be dimmed whereas the others have a fixed beam. The control factor of the dimming lights are switches which can be used whenever the situation or need changes. The flexibility provided by this solution is immense as a blanket unit can be selected with dimming switches and used according to the occasion and need.

Similarly, certain lights can be fitted into surface sockets which make it portable and mitigates the need to spend a lot on many units to light up spaces that are barely used. Hence, if the need is for space which isn’t used frequently, then a unit which can be plugged in can be selected to ensure efficient use of resources and space.

One of the crucial points analyzed by electrical engineers when fitting a lighting system is the compatibility with the insulation of the building. The measure utilized for this purpose is Insulation Contact rating. If the lights are to be covered by the insulation of the building, then the rating will have to be either IC or IC-F. Similarly, the Ingress Protection rating depicts the fixtures’ level of protection against matter, both solids, and liquids. If the outdoor space is exposed to extensive matter then the IP rating must be at least IP44. 

Last but not least, you must ensure that you are familiar with the terms of Warranty. The after sales services can either cater to your need or render your investment in outdoor LED downlights unyielding. Hence it is imperative to know the services which are stipulated by your provider to ensure that you have selected the best fit as per your need.

These pre-requisites are mandatory to be kept in mind in order to ensure that your need is being addressed in a customized and efficient manner to ensure the optimum results. What must be remembered always is that the need for Outdoor LED downlights is different for each user.

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