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What You Need to Consider When You Install the LED Strip Lights

What You Need to Consider When You Install the LED Strip Lights


There are various things you need to put into consideration any time you want to install the LED strip lighting. Some of them are as mentioned below:

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1. Color Temperature

You should consider the color of your room first. You should know the colors that complement the others and those that you want to be reflected n your room will help you easily achieve the best results when installing the lights. If your furniture, carpets, and walls are bright, then it will be good installing a white cool strip light hence accentuating the theme. For the interior decoration that is modern, then use the neutral color led strip light which may highlight the atmosphere to your interior.

Besides, LED lights are of two forms; one reflects a single color, and the other one may have their shades changed like chameleons for fitting the mood. The lights with one color are known as fixed colored, and strip lights with many colors are called GB’ which means Red, Green, and Blue and they are somehow expensive compared to the single color ones, and they are used in places like hotels and bars. Their color schemes may be changed with remote controls.


2. Size

Although many led strip lights can be cut to fit the applications, when installing, you still should consider the size of the strip light. It needs to be the first consideration since oversize lights won't fit the room, and under-size ones may not fit the room too. Always take note concerning the light’s length and width so that when you are heading to purchase the light, you take the correct one. Always consider the actual LED size will save you much time when you install it.


3. Location

The place that you will be installing the light should be a dry and clean surface to avoid the strip lights from peeling away. For out of house installation, always consider purchasing the light with perfect IP rating. IP ratings are always used in many lighting since in that way; you can categorize the safelights and safe place to be used. The IP67 and IP65 are the good ratings you should follow when installing outdoor lighting or wet areas like in bathrooms. The above ratings make sure your lights perform effectively and safely regardless of any water around, such as the vanity tops.


4. Reason for installing these lights

It is advised to know the reason behind installing LED strip lights. You should know if you are installing the strip for accent, ambient, or task lighting:

Task Lighting: the application of lights here is to serve certain room purposefully. There are lighting systems like street lights that help people to experience a clear vision for attaining their objectives.

The Accent Lighting: it is for specific features, objects, and areas. The light of this king is applied for accentuating collectible, treasured, and important items in the home.

Ambient Lighting: it is also the general lighting, and it gives light in a place with no main purpose apart from supplying light. The ambient light offers an existing natural light from the sun and the calmly and energetic way you may want to have the ambient lighting.


5. Number of LEDs and Power Supply

Considering the power supply with the specific number of led strip lights you need should be the last consideration after all others. You should know the amount of power to run your room.

Several LED about a meter affects light brightness and strip pattern. Many of LED strip lighting kits often offer to 30 LEDs, and it may continue being more if you need them. More strip lights like 3 LEDs apart cut marks, give you a chance of modifying the ones you want to use. The strip lights work well with a power supply that is reliable for it to glow. 12V DC voltage (the driver) is used in 12V strip lights. Drivers are sold independently mostly and have different wattage outputs that help in accommodating all forms of projects. You can select the drivers that you want about the power requirement of the available strips you have connected. Ensure the driver has a power output of 10% more than the wattage of the strip that is needed.

After putting all the above into consideration, you are now well and ready to install your LED strip lights successfully whenever you want.

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