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What You Need to Know While Buying LED Lamps

What You Need to Know While Buying LED Lamps


LED lighting as an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product has been accepted by more and more consumers, but most consumers lack understanding of LED and can't read complex relevant terminology. How do consumers choose LED lighting products?

First of all, we must know what is the core value of LED lamp and whether you need that. The main advantages of LED lamp are power saving, long life, rich color and fashion.

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First, the cost. From the perspective of cost, the price of LED lamp is about 3 to 10 times that of traditional lamp . If the daily power consumption is more than 6 hours, it is worthwhile to use LED lamp — the cost of buying the LED lamp is estimated will possibly be offset in 1 year or so. If it takes 2-3 hours a day, the electricity bill will not save much.

Second, value. Of course, not all activities for a lifetime are only for money. Pursuing fashion and accepting new things is also a life attitude!

Third, quality. After determining that you want to buy LED lamp , you have to look at what quality of LED lamp you need. Till now the country has not introduced LED lamp quality standards, thus the quality of LED products on the market is uneven. Some very cheap miscellaneous goods use the poor-quality chip. While it says the power is 1W, the actual is only 0.5W-0.7W. In order to increase the brightness, unscrupulous manufacturers will increase the output current of the driving power supply, which will cause serious light degradation. So we should choose some products with their own brand.

Fourth, after-sale service. Before buying, it is best to ask the agent about the LED manufacturer's warranty period for the product. Some poor products are only warranted for one year, whose lifespan is almost the same as traditional energy-saving lamp. Considering the rather expansive price, it would be a bad deal. As a new type of lighting product, LED lamp is still completely unfamiliar to many people. Therefore,  a comparison-shopping is needed when buying LED lamp. Styles of most LED lamp are relatively consistent, so you need to learn the reason of price difference. At the same time, you need to negotiate a good after-sales warranty with the merchants to ensure your own rights and interests.

Fifth, the choice of product features. For example, LED ceiling lamp (also known as LED spotlights) and LED grid lights are concentrated products, mainly used to highlight the local lighting. According to the requirements of light efficiency, different angles of the lens can be customized such as 5 degrees , 15 degrees, 30 degrees, 60 degrees; LED downlight is a product of floodlights, with lighting as the main function; LED lamp mainly assists light efficiency. Compared to ordinary T5 lamp, in addition to saving power, its advantage also lays in the usage in curved places such as ceilings.

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Specific to the product, how to buy LED lighting products, you can see from the following three aspects:

The LED lamp is mainly composed of 3 parts, aluminum housing, driver and lamp beads. Then, how do you go from these aspects in the process of purchasing LED lamp, so as to purchase the most cost-effective products?

1. Pay attention to the aluminum shade of the LED lamp. It is known that all lighting products will generate heat during use, especially for the LED lamp, whose heat quantity would usually be amazing. If the heat cannot be dissipated in time, it will seriously affect the LED lamp’s efficacy and life. Thus, as the main heat dissipation part, the aluminum shade naturally assumes the responsibility. Then what kind of shade is ideal for heat dissipation? First, the purity of aluminum is required. For the car aluminum parts, 6063 aircraft aluminum is the best choice. It not only owns beautiful appearance, but also has a strong cooling capacity. However, for larger lamps, die-cast aluminum is the best choice. Since it is die-casting, it must be made of aluminum alloy. In this way, the composition of aluminum alloy is more worthy of attention. For the normal alloy ratio, heat dissipation is no problem, but some manufacturers add a lot of messy impurities in the aluminum alloy to reduce the cost, resulting in poor heat dissipation of the aluminum shade. At the time of purchase, the appearance of the shade should be observed. Such lamp as having smooth and bright shade can be preferred. At the same time pay attention to observe whether the heat sink has the corresponding thickness and surface area, because the heat is mainly dissipated from the heat sink, so the heat sink is very important. There are also people who render that the lamp shade is better at heat-dispelling with heavier weight, this is not necessarily true.

2. Pay attention to the LED lamp driver. Driver as the power device of LED lamp naturally plays a decisive role. When it comes to the LED driver problem, you can consult the merchant in detail about the various parameters of the driver, such as the output voltage and current, power factor, operating temperature, and so on. 1W LED lamp beads operating voltage of about 3.2V, the working current is about 320MM. If the current is too large, it is easy to exacerbate the lamp light failure and shorten the life. If the driving power factor is too low, such as 0.6 power factor, then for a 10W lamp, it will consume 16W power, causing waste. At the same time, if the power factor is too low, it will naturally cause the heating of the driver itself to increase, then the electronic components are heated, which would easily incur quality problems. While purchasing, we must understand the repair rate of dealer, after all, the damage of the LED lamp, mainly depends on its driver. After knowing all these, you might be able to obtain a better drive.

3. Pay attention to LED lamp beads. As the core component of the LED lamp, lamp beads is the most important thing. At present, LED chips have a large number of brands, which are mainly differentiated by domestically produced or imported. But whether it is domestic or imported, the double gold wire lamp bead construction method is the most crucial, which can ensure the life of the lamp beads. In the purchase of LED lamp, you should consult about lamp beads’ unit luminous flux, color temperature, chip size and power size, then determine whether the product meets your needs. The light failure and longevity of the lamp beads is also a question that needs to be consulted to determine the cost-effectiveness of the lamp beads.

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