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Where to Buy LED Lights? From Manufacturers in China

Where to Buy LED Lights? From Manufacturers in China


Wondering where to buy LED lights? Here are many options you can choose from: buying from distributors, buying from retailers, or directly buying from LED light manufacturers. The choice depends on the number of products and the logistics aspects involved. However, compared to buying from a retailer or a distributor, buying directly from a light manufacturer has clear advantages. A large number of manufacturers in China have been committed to the research and development and production of LED lighting products for many decades. China's LED lighting products manufacturers not only provide high-quality lighting products domestically but also directly export LED lighting products to international companies, bringing them competitive strength in the fierce lighting market. Many buyers are always thinking about the best way to buy LED lighting products from China. If you want to know which method is right for you, there are some reasons you should consider buying directly from LED light manufacturers.

Buy Directly from LED Light Manufacturers: Huge Cost Savings & Great Discounts

Cost is the first factor you should consider when deciding where to buy LED lights, from a distributor, from a retailer or directly from a manufacturer. Distributors and retailers are middlemen, and they always increase the markup from factory costs. In this way, they can profit from it without passing that cost savings to you. If you want to achieve significant cost savings, you’d better purchase directly from LED light manufacturers. Buying directly from manufacturers, you will not only get rid of the middleman that has a huge impact on costs but also get bonuses and after-sales support from the manufacturers.

In addition, great discounts are another aspect of cost savings you can get by buying directly from manufacturers. Almost all LED light manufacturers offer large discounts for customers who buy in bulk. When you buy from a retailer or distributor in your area, you will pay a high price because you will not get any discount. Instead, the retailer or distributor gets a discount from the manufacturer on your behalf.


Buy Directly from LED Light Manufacturers: Timely Delivery

For determining where to buy LED lights, timely delivery matters! Buying directly from an LED lighting factory is critical to ensuring timely product delivery. At any given time, ordering from a distributor takes more time because they must order from the manufacturers. This may delay your business or project. However, ordering directly from the manufacturer saves time in the middle step. And those good LED light manufacturers that have high flexibility can deliver products on time or even in advance according to your needs.

Buy Directly from LED Light Manufacturers: Direct Line of Communication

Communication is a significant facet of ordering and producing high-quality LED lights. When buying from a distributor, there's not any direct communication station. The distributor contacts that the manufacturer on your behalf. In cases like this, it's more than probable that the incorrect message is likely to be passed into the supplier, leading to a decrease in quality. Buying directly from LED light manufacturers can begin a primary communication channel, ensuring that the right information can be passed on.

Buy Directly from LED Light Manufacturers: Certain Quality Control

The decision about where to buy LED lights is also supposed to be made according to the definiteness of quality control. Every time you order LED lighting products to sell to your loyal customers, you want to get the highest quality products in order to maintain a high customer retention rate. This does not necessarily happen when you buy LED products from a distributor or a retailer, because you cannot certainly ensure quality. This, however, can be different if you buy from LED light manufacturers. Whenever you get your LED lighting products directly processed and delivered by the manufacturers, you can better know and control what kind of bulbs, chips, techniques, etc. used for the production your led lighting products. And you can be sure that all metrics of quality that have been followed throughout the whole production process. 

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Buy Directly from LED Light Manufacturers: Access to Customized Parts & Wide Selection Range

You may desire a exceptional business which sells exceptional lighting fittings which aren't obtainable in other stores. By ordering directly out of LED light manufacturers, you gain an access to customization service. All the lighting fittings can be designed and manufactured as per your requirements to fulfill your business or project needs. Distributors and retailers can't provide customized parts due to the fact that they cope with generalized LED fittings.

As emphasized previously, distributors and retailers do not supply customized LED lighting fittings to their customers. In like manner, they usually do not own an extensive array range. This means that buyers must buy what's available, that may be not quite in line with your business requirements. On the contrary, LED light manufacturers always provide a wide range of choices. Customers can select whatever is suitable for their business or projects. And there are many experts in manufacturers who know totally about the LED lights and those experts will help customers to choose the right product for their business or project.

Buy Directly from LED Light Manufacturers: Fewer Shipping Damages

LED lights are type of those delicate products out available in the business. There's a possibility they will be damaged in transportation. Purchasing from distributors or retailers advances the probabilities of compensation because the lights might need to move in one store to another. But buying directly from LED light manufacturers reduces shipping damages. All the lights will be directly transported from the manufacturer to your desired destination. This no-intermediary way is essential in reducing recurrence outwards and spending less.

Most lighting manufacturers in China have been using direct marketing methods to attain their international customers in a quick and cost-friendly approach. Leimove is one of the LED light manufacturers which have embraced direct selling through the e-commerce platform. This sales and marketing approach is very beneficial to the clients since they get to save enormous amounts of money, among other benefits as discussed previously. When you are wondering where to buy LED lights, Leimove is your ideal choice. You can count on our 17+ years of LED lights manufacturing & exporting experience to make your business a success! Contact us through mail or any contact details in our website for more information.

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