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Where to Buy Light Bulbs for Wholesale: China LED Lighting Manufacturers

Where to Buy Light Bulbs for Wholesale: China LED Lighting Manufacturers


China has been the biggest lighting market in the world. Over the years, China LED lighting manufacturers have been providing LED light bulbs, LED lamps, and LED lighting fixtures for consumers and businesses around the world. You may wonder why many people and companies buy from China manufacturers and what you should pay attention to when choosing suppliers and products. This passage will tell you. When you want to buy your light bulbs for wholesale, I hope this passage will help you.

Reasons to Buying from China LED Lighting Manufacturers

1. Cheaper Price

The Chinese have mastered the art of mass manufacturing. The production lines in China are somewhat more organized than in many regions of the planet. More to the point, China LED lighting manufacturers can market their products cheaper than many of their competitors around the globe. Light bulbs for wholesale are relatively cheaper in China for all these reasons:

Plenty of Cheap Labor - China’s large population brings sufficient human resources for manufacturing, which results in cheaper labor costs. And they a productive workforce, which means cheaper prices;

Mass production - Large-scale production cuts the production costs down;

E-Commerce Technology - China may have the best e-commerce technology in the world. This makes it easy for China LED lighting manufacturers to find customers and makes it easy for potential customers to find them, thereby reducing marketing costs;

Superior Infrastructure - China’s good infrastructure enables lighting manufacturers to efficiently export bulbs and lamps, reducing time costs;

Fierce Competition - There are a lot of lighting manufacturers in China leading to intense competition. This, in turn, has led lighting manufacturers to find ways to reduce production costs.

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2.Varied and Beautiful Designs

Today, most homes prefer stylish, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting over simple lighting. Most homeowners now put ambiance and lighting first, allowing them to focus more on materials and style. This means your light bulbs for wholesale must be stylish and fashionable. China LED lighting manufacturers have created beautifully styled light bulbs and lighting fixtures that can easily match the interior decoration of any house. LED lighting fixtures from China are becoming more complicated with more attempts targets the light’s artistic effects. LED light bulbs from China come with the best specifications and designs and are produced using the latest LED technology. As a result, they can add value to light bulbs wholesale business.

3. More Efficient Processes

Most China LED lighting manufacturers have been working with high-tech companies to build factories with the most advanced equipment. These equipment makes the production process more efficient hence making more high-quality light bulbs and lighting fittings per man hour. Usually, the production time takes 7 to 15 days, which is very fast compared to light bulbs manufacturers in other countries. Choosing Chinese manufacturers means choosing more efficient production processes, which can bring competitiveness to your light bulbs wholesale business.

Things to Consider When Buying from China LED Lighting Manufacturers

1. About Manufacturers

a. Not all China LED lighting manufacturers has the experience and expertise needed to guarantee compliance with foreign product criteria. So, this is a vital qualification requirement. If you select a manufacturer without an earlier compliance history, chances are they can’t manufacture LED light bulbs that are compliant with the standards of your country and your target markets. Therefore, you will in all probability end up importing prohibited products. You should know that importing or using non-compliant light bulbs for wholesale is really a severe issue.

b. Ensuring compliance is more than just getting a test report. If you own a factory, this is not a problem, but it does get complicated when you buy from China LED lighting manufacturers. For example, when importing LED light bulbs into the European Union, buyers need to create a technical file. This technical file is a set of documents that must contain both a circuit diagram and a list of components. Sounds simple? Well, there is a trap. Many manufacturers simply refuse to provide such documents before placing an order, which in turn puts you at serious risk because you cannot assess whether they can provide compliant goods before you pay. So, before ordering light bulbs for wholesale, you are supposed to ask the manufacturers to provide these documents.


2. About Products

a. Product Specifications

Pay attention to the specifications of light bulbs when buy from China LED lighting manufacturers. Even if you plan to purchase ODM products, you should not expect manufacturers to provide you with an off-the-shelf specification sheet. To ensure that there are no gaps in your specification sheet, you must ask the manufacturers to confirm as many relevant specifications as possible.

b. LED Chip

The LED chip is the core component of light bulbs for wholesale. There are various styles of LED chips available for different applications, such as dual in-line package (DIP) LEDs, surface mounted device (SMD) LED chips, and chip-on-board (COB) LEDs. You may hear about other styles of LED chips in the future. LED technology is constantly evolving. Over time, newer production methods and designs will produce more and more impressive LEDs, which can emit brighter and higher-quality light. When choosing light bulbs for wholesale, you should focus on the type and quality of LED chips that China LED lighting manufacturers utilize for production.

c. Working Lifetime & Warranty

LED bulbs may have a working lifetime anywhere between 5,000 to 30,000 hours (or even more). That translates into years of daily usage. Those reliable and responsible manufacturers would offer a warranty, based on the working lifetime. In general, this warranty is a promise of a future replacement or maintenance. And for you, it is can save your time and money on troubleshooting and repurchase. When buying light bulbs for wholesale from manufacturers, you’d better choose those who provide long-term warranty. 

d. Input Voltage & Frequency

Every country has a different standard for power supply. While most China LED lighting manufacturers can provide light bulbs which are compatible with all the frequency and voltage of any county, you need to specify the target country and market of your light bulbs for wholesale. The following is a list of countries and markets and their respective electrical standards:

United States: 120 V, 60 Hz

European Union: 230 V, 50 Hz

Japan: 100 V, 50 & 60 Hz

Canada: 120 V, 60 Hz

Russia: 220 V, 50 Hz

Australia: 230 V, 50 Hz

New Zealand: 230 V, 50 Hz

Nigeria: 240 V, 50 Hz

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