Which places are the most suitable for installing led downlights?

by:Leimove     2020-03-31
'Which places are the most suitable for installing led downlights' is suitable for installing led downlights in many occasions. For example, large shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty stores, offices, office buildings, office service halls, etc. , where ceilings are suitable for installing led downlights. How to install the led downlight beautifully and firmly? Raymond is a professional led Downlight manufacturer. The shell is made of high-end aluminum shell, and then galvanized and painted. There are many different styles for you to choose, for example, there are electric white surface, brushed series, sweeping series, baking varnish series, etc. We mainly push the LED lights of the electric White series. Because led downlights belong to lamp products, we all know that the light intensity emitted by mutual refraction of light is the largest, and we have also done experiments, the brightness of the finished product made of the sweeping gold shell and the led downlight of the electric White series pass the integrating ball Test, and the brightness of the electric White is much higher than that of the sweeping gold, because the efficiency of the golden reflection is not high, it will absorb part of the illuminance of light, and experiments prove that white reflects the highest intensity of light. The installation of led Downlight is very simple. Use a hole opener to open a hole in the ceiling. The size of the hole should be the most suitable for the outer diameter of the downlight and the middle value of the inner ring. After the hole is opened, hold the ear and put it directly into the circlip to clamp it directly. United Huiye led downlights are mainly commercial series, with stable performance and long-term use.
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