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by:Leimove     2020-05-15
The days of bulky TV's dominating the landscape have come and gone. While the cathode-ray tube televisions were a marvel during their time they have given way to a new, more complex debate. The battle for the flat screen TV has arrived with LCD, LED, and Plasma TV's each attempting to take a majority of the market. There are some key difference between each of these pieces of technology and a few points to consider before purchase. The LCD TV is the most common flat screen found in homes. It ranges from 12 inches to 65 inches and is made by nearly every technology company around. These TV's work as liquid crystals form colours and patterns on the screen for very crisp and clear pictures. Electrical impulses activate the crystals to provide for viewing at limited angles. LCD was one of the first styles of flat screen TV's as well as the more expensive. So what does all this money pay for? A longer lifespan, lower power consumption, and many more options when it comes to TV size. The LED TV is only slightly different than the LCD. They both contain identical liquid crystals which respond to electrical impulses to output pictures. The only difference between these two TV's is the back light which is implemented with the LED TV. Outside of this lighting, these TV's are in fact the exact same technology. In terms of picture quality, the LED completely outstrips the LCD in almost every field. Clearer colours and better motion come in from every angle as well as better quality in low light. The one downfall of the LED comes down to pricing, in which it is usually the most expensive TV on the market. Plasma TV's have become one of the most popular flat screens for connoisseurs of entertainment. This high definition technology has transformed the colour accuracy and clarity that was not thought possible up until a few years ago. Gases and electrical impulses are utilized between two thin panels and individually ignited to provide for amazingly minute details. While it is not as bright as the LED TV, the colour quality is much clearer. The difference in quality between a 50 inch plasma TV and a 50 inch LED TV may be negligible in bright lighting, but very apparent at odd angles or in low-light situations. For most consumers, the final deciding factor when purchasing a TV comes down to price, in which these three options vary from company to company. In the end, the decision should come down to ambient lighting, what types of shows are being watched, and the angle in which they will be watched.
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