Xbox 360 2 Red Light Error - Fix it Under An Hour!

by:Leimove     2020-05-09
I have an Xbox and the first time this happened to me, I was really considered, I thought my Xbox was broken forever.. I was playing Halo 3 when it first came out with a buddy of mine. We pulled an all nighter and played the Xbox 360 for like 10 hours straight. Then it happened.. The console started flashing 2 red lights and the Xbox 360 shut down and stopped working. I tell you, at first I was freaking out,but my buddy told me to just let it cool down because it was just over heated he said. He mentioned it could also be a damaged memory card for th 2 red lights on the Xbox screen. In this article I am going to share with you my experience on what to avoid so the 2 red light error doesn't happen to you. Here are 5 tips 1. Don't play your Xbox for 10 hours straight, that's common sense. 2. Put a fan close to your console. 3. Don't block your Xbox in a small space and keep it in a cool room. 4. Try and keep it evaluated on a hard surface and not on the carpet. 5. Clean your DVD drive often If The Red Light Error Does Happen, Can You Fix It On Your Own Well if you don't know about hardware it could be a very long process. You can always send it in to Microsoft but, if you are anything like me. You don't want to wait weeks to fix your console. If you have knowledge of gaming consoles, I say go for it. However if you just want to fix this little error and need to do it fast, There is something you can do. There are a bunch of repair manuals that are good at helping you fix the problem. That's what I used and it worked fine. When choosing a guide, make sure it doesn't cost a lot and there is a money back guarantee. If You Want To Fix Your Xbox 360 Now In 1 hour Guaranteed? Visit: http://Xbox360RepairCenter.infoForget sending it into Microsoft, Fix your Xbox Now.
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