Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix - A Guide on How to Fix

by:Leimove     2020-07-08
Xbox 360 is a very popular gaming console by Microsoft which has won the hearts of many gamers all around the world. On the surface this machine appears to be an awesome gaming console, but there are so many hidden problems in it. This machine has sparked an interest in an enormous amount of people all around the world. Not only gamers like this system, but also programmers, hackers, electronic engineers and so many others like xbox and they have their unique reason to like it. Every great console has its own disadvantages. None of the consoles is an exception. Xbox 360 has also come across these situation. The main reason for this is the 'Xbox 360 3 Red light error' also called as 'Xbox 360 3 Red Rings of Death Error'. This article will guide you to fix the 'Three Red Light Error' also called as 'Red rings of death error' permanently.Some failures are very easy to fix. Red rings of death can also be fixed easily in less than an hour. You don't need to send your xbox all the way to Microsoft to fix it. Thousands of people all around the world have fixed their xbox with this proven method. You don't need to waste money or time to get your xbox fixed. Know the Xbox 360 error Lights - Identify yours Error lights can be as cryptic as error codes. When an error light flashes then it means that there is a problem with the xbox console. I have listed all the possible error lights which used to occur in the xbox 360 console. I am listing out all the error just to make sure that yours is 'red rings of death error' or 'Three red light fix error'.1. Green / Red Light - Unit will usually Restart twice then flash red and green2. Solid Green w/no audio/video/eject - Unit will boot to a black screen with no video, audio or eject. When the eject button is pressed, unit will flash green.3. Solid Green w/no audio/video - Unit will boot to a black screen with no video or audio, but will eject the dvd drive4. Orange/ Green flashing - Missing or bad audio/video pack5. Orange flashing - Reset Signal is not making contact on the LPC bus6. Orange/ Red Flashing - Unit will reboot twice then flash red and orange7. Green flashing or green then red flashing - Corrupt or missing eeprom8. Solid Red - System failure9. Power supply light alone is red or orange - Poor power supply to the Xbox10. Three Flashing Red Lights - Red Rings of Death Error also called Three red light errorRed rings of death error is the most commonly occurring error in xbox. Other error were very rarely reported.Different types of error codes in xbox 360 - Applicable only if there is no problem with your error lightsError codes are displayed in the upper left or right hand corner of your screen. These codes are very much useful in finding the kind of problem which xbox has experienced. Majority of these errors can be easily rectified. So don't be worried if you receive anyone of them.01 Bootldr - Motherboard Related Error02 Bootldr - Eeprom check failed03 Bootldr - Unknown04 Bootldr - RAM check failed05 Kernel - HDD not locked ( Required to be locked by default bios)06 Kernel - Cannot unlock HDD07 Kernel - HDD Timeout08 Kernel - HDD not found09 Kernel - HDD parameters (PIO/DMA/ or side (debug), certain size minimum is required for debug)10 Kernel - DVD timeout11 Kernel - No DVD found12 Kernel - DVD parameters (PIO/DMA) 13 Kernel - Dashboard launch fail (due to missing/bad key, or anything else that would prevent it from running) and the dashboard did not specify why it failed14 Dashboard - Error loading dashboard (dashboard generic error)15 Unknown -??/not used16 Dashboad - Other files to do with dashboard / dashboard settings (specific dashboard error)17 Unknown -??/not used18 Unknown -??/not used19 Unknown -??/not used20 The dashboard was attempted to load and failed; it was a cold boot, and the dashboard did not specify why it failed, but it (for some reason) needed to be noted that the dvd passed the challenge/response authentication21 Unknown - This error says that the machine was booted to display a error, basically someone told the machine to reboot(or launch a xbe) with this flag and the error code just means itsbeen rebooted by the flag. Think twice or even thrice before sending your xbox to MicrosoftSending your xbox to Microsoft is not at all recommended. You need to spend over $140 Shipping cost to fix your xbox console. Moreover many transportation problems may also arise. Your xbox might even be crushed or some of the parts may be lost while transporting it to Microsoft or while getting it back from Microsoft. Moreover you need to wait for more than 6 weeks to get it fixed. There is no guarantee that this error will be fixed permanently. Ask some of your friends who had already experienced this problem and they will definitely not recommend sending your xbox to Microsoft.Fix your Xbox 360 Red rings of death Permanently in just one hour from now - This is the best solutionThis is possible. Xbox 360 red rings of death can be fixed permanently in just one hour. There is a repair guide available in the market which is designed mainly for this problem which will help you to fix your xbox in just one hour from now. This also come with video tutorials so that you can do it very easily and quickly. The best part is that they come with 100% money back guarantee. Yes, if you can't fix your xbox then you will completely get your money back. They are bold enough to offer the money back guarantee because they have a proven method using which over 100000 Xbox have been fixed all around the world. The cost of the Red rings of death repair guide is also very very less and hence it can be afforded by all people.Resources:Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix - A Guide on How to Fix the Three Red Rings of Death Error PermanentlyGet Your Free microsoft points from our Microsoft Points Generator Click Here
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