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Lishui Foreign Language Experimental School in Zhejiang

Lishui Foreign Language Experimental School in Zhejiang

Lishui Foreign Language Experimental School in Zhejiang is one of Leimove Lighting's clients. Our LED down light LM2802 5×1W and LED down light LM2802 3×1W are used in all classrooms. They can realize large-scale lighting, and meanwhile ensure the soft lighting. Students’ eyes are protected and their learning becomes more comfortable. The switch in each classroom is LM1-1 (Lingyun series), which is safe and secure.

Lishui Foreign Language Experimental School was founded in Zhejiang Province in July 2003. It is a joint-stock school controlled by its faculty and staff shareholder committee. It is a private boarding school providing 12-year education from primary school, junior high school, to high school. There are nearly 2,700 full-time students. With a total investment of over RMB140 million, the school covers a floor area of more than 80 mu and a building area of more than 52,000 m2. The campus is located on the shore of Nanming Lake, with classical European architecture, elegant and chic school building and reasonable distribution. It is full-featured with computer room, recording studio, academic report hall, reading room, library, swimming pool, and playground. Each classroom is equipped with a touch-based multimedia teaching platform. Each bedroom is equipped with air conditioner, telephone, and indoor radio, and is equipped with an air source water heater to ensure 24-hour hot water supply a day. There are supermarkets and other living facilities on campus. The school with the best hardware facilities welcomes new students and offers the best conditions for students to learn and live. The school does its utmost to provide a space for children's growth, respect, friendship, and potential, so that each of them may learn, grow and live in a happy way.

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